Words starting with jac

3 letter words starting with jac

  • jac — jacket.

4 letter words starting with jac

  • jackSir John Arthur ("Jack") 1926–2014, Australian racing-car driver and designer.
  • jack and the beanstalk — an English fairy tale about a boy who angers his mother by selling their last cow, not for money, but for magic beans. His mother throws the beans away, but the next day Jack discovers that they have sprouted into a giant beanstalk. He climbs the beanstalk three times, each time stealing some treasure from the giant who lives in a land in the clouds at the top. Jack ultimately kills the giant by chopping down the beanstalk while the giant is climbing down it
  • jack arch — flat arch.
  • jack around — to spend time in useless activity
  • jack bean — a bushy tropical plant, Canavalia ensiformis, of the legume family, grown especially for forage.

5 letter words starting with jac

  • jacal — JAffer's Canonical ALgebra
  • jaccl — (tool)   An LR1 grammar parser generator written by Dave Jones at Megatest.
  • jack- — male
  • jacks — a male given name, form of Jacob or John.
  • jacky — gin1 .

6 letter words starting with jac

  • jacals — Plural form of jacal.
  • jacana — any of several tropical, ploverlike, aquatic birds of the family Jacanidae, most of them having extremely long toes and claws for walking on floating water plants.
  • jacent — Lying at length.
  • jackal — any of several nocturnal wild dogs of the genus Canis, especially C. aureus, of Asia and Africa, that scavenge or hunt in packs.
  • jacked — Carpentry. having a height or length less than that of most of the others in a structure; cripple: jack rafter; jack truss.

7 letter words starting with jac

  • jacalyn — a female given name.
  • jacamar — any tropical American bird of the family Galbulidae, having a long bill and usually metallic green plumage above.
  • jacanas — Plural form of jacana.
  • jacarei — a city in SE Brazil, in São Paulo state.
  • jacarta — a seaport in and the capital of Indonesia, on the NW coast of Java.

8 letter words starting with jac

  • jacamars — Plural form of jacamar.
  • jacinthe — a yellowish orange
  • jack-off — any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods.
  • jack-tar — a sailor.
  • jackaroo — an inexperienced person working as an apprentice on a sheep ranch.

9 letter words starting with jac

  • jacaranda — any of various tropical trees belonging to the genus Jacaranda, of the catalpa family, having showy clusters of usually purplish flowers.
  • jackanape — Of or pertaining to a jackanapes.
  • jackasses — Plural form of jackass.
  • jackboots — Plural form of jackboot.
  • jacketing — Present participle of jacket.

10 letter words starting with jac

  • jacarandas — Plural form of jacaranda.
  • jack-knife — a large pocketknife.
  • jackanapes — an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man; whippersnapper.
  • jackassery — The foolish or obnoxious behaviour of a jackass.
  • jackbooted — wearing jackboots.

11 letter words starting with jac

  • jack-rabbit — any of various large hares of western North America, having very long hind legs and long ears.
  • jackanapery — (dated, pejorative) The behaviour of a jackanapes.
  • jackarooing — Present participle of jackaroo.
  • jackhammers — Plural form of jackhammer.
  • jackknifing — Present participle of jackknife.

12 letter words starting with jac

13 letter words starting with jac

14 letter words starting with jac

  • jack-in-office — a self-important petty official
  • jackknife-fish — a black and white, American drum, Equetus lanceolatus, found in tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean, having an elongated dorsal fin that is held erect.

15 letter words starting with jac

  • jack-in-the-box — a toy consisting of a box from which an enclosed figure springs up when the lid is opened.
  • jack-o'-lantern — a hollowed pumpkin with openings cut to represent human eyes, nose, and mouth and in which a candle or other light may be placed, traditionally made for display at Halloween.

17 letter words starting with jac

  • jack-in-the-green — (in England, formerly) a man who wore or supported a leaf-covered wooden framework while dancing in May-Day celebrations

18 letter words starting with jac

  • jack-in-the-pulpit — A North American plant, Arisaema triphyllum, of the arum family, having an upright spadix arched over by a green or striped purplish-brown spathe.
  • jack-of-all-trades — a person who is adept at many different kinds of work.

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