Words starting with ibi

4 letter words starting with ibi

  • ibid — Alternative form of ibid. (\"in the same place\").
  • ibis — any of several large wading birds of the family Threskiornithidae, of warm temperate and tropical regions, related to the herons and storks, and characterized by a long, thin, downward-curved bill. Compare sacred ibis.

5 letter words starting with ibi

  • ibiza — a Spanish island in the SW Balearic Islands, in the W Mediterranean Sea. 209 sq. mi. (541 sq. km).

6 letter words starting with ibi

  • ibibio — a member of a people of southeastern Nigeria.
  • ibices — any of several wild goats of the genus Capra, inhabiting mountainous regions of Eurasia and North Africa, having long, recurved horns.
  • ibidem — in the same book, chapter, page, etc.
  • ibises — Plural form of ibis.
  • ibizan hound — one of a breed of medium-sized, tall, swift hunting hounds with a short, usually red and white coat, bred originally by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt but today found chiefly in the Balearic Islands and other areas of Spain.

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