Words starting with g

1 letter words starting with g

  • g — the seventh letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
  • g and t — gin and tonic.
  • g clef — treble clef.
  • g douw — Gerrard [Dutch gey-rahrt] /Dutch ˈgeɪ rɑrt/ (Show IPA), Dou, Gerard.
  • g ohm — Georg Simon [gey-awrk zee-mawn] /geɪˈɔrk ˈzi mɔn/ (Show IPA), 1787–1854, German physicist.

2 letter words starting with g

  • g3 — 1.   (protocol, compression)   Group 3 fax. 2.   (hardware, processor)   PowerPC G3.
  • g5 — Group of Five
  • g7 — Group of Seven
  • g8 — Group of Eight
  • g9 — genius

3 letter words starting with g

  • g/l — grams per liter
  • g10 — Group of Ten
  • g20 — Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
  • g24 — Group of Twenty-Four
  • g77 — Group of Seventy-Seven

4 letter words starting with g

  • g.i. — the GI's, Slang. diarrhea.
  • gaba — a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system that inhibits excitatory responses.
  • gabe — a male given name, form of Gabriel.
  • gaboNaum [noum] /naʊm/ (Show IPA), (Naum Pevsner) 1890–1977, U.S. sculptor, born in Russia (brother of Antoine Pevsner).
  • gabs — to talk or chat idly; chatter.

5 letter words starting with g

  • g-cal — gram calorie(s)
  • g-man — an agent for the FBI.
  • gabar — an Iranian Zoroastrian.
  • gabba — (music) alternative spelling of gabber.
  • gabby — talkative; garrulous.

6 letter words starting with g

  • g-spot — Gräfenberg spot.
  • g-suit — anti-G suit.
  • g.i.'s — the GI's, Slang. diarrhea.
  • gabaon — Gibeon.
  • gabbai — a minor official of a synagogue, having limited ceremonial or administrative functions.

7 letter words starting with g

  • g-force — the force of gravity
  • g-rated — (of a motion picture) deemed suitable for viewers of all ages: a G-rated film.
  • gabbaim — a minor official of a synagogue, having limited ceremonial or administrative functions.
  • gabelle — a tax; excise.
  • gabfest — a gathering at which there is a great deal of conversation.

8 letter words starting with g

  • g-string — a loincloth or breechcloth, usually secured by a cord at the waist.
  • gabfests — a gathering at which there is a great deal of conversation.
  • gabonese — of or relating to Gabon or its inhabitants.
  • gaboriau — Émile [ey-meel] /eɪˈmil/ (Show IPA), 1835–73, French author of detective stories.
  • gaborone — a republic in S Africa: formerly a British protectorate; gained independence 1966; member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 275,000 sq. mi. (712,250 sq. km). Capital: Gaborone.

9 letter words starting with g

  • gabaonite — Gibeonite.
  • gabardine — Also, gaberdine. a firm, tightly woven fabric of worsted, cotton, polyester, or other fiber, with a twill weave.
  • gaberdine — Also, gabardine. a long, loose coat or frock for men, worn in the Middle Ages, especially by Jews.
  • gaberones — former name of Gaborone.
  • gabionade — a row of gabions submerged in a waterway, stream, river, etc, to control the flow of water

10 letter words starting with g

  • gabapentin — (medicine) A medication, originally used for the treatment of epilepsy but now used to relieve pain.
  • gadolinite — a silicate mineral from which the rare-earth metals gadolinium, holmium, and rhenium are extracted.
  • gadolinium — a rare-earth metallic element. Symbol: Gd; atomic weight: 157.25; atomic number: 64.
  • gadrooning — ornamentation with gadroons.
  • gadzookery — the use or overuse of period-specific or archaic expressions, as in a historical novel: Without any gadzookery and its excessive use of “forsooth,” “prithee,” etc., her first historical novel conveys a superb sense of the period.

11 letter words starting with g

  • gaberlunzie — a wandering beggar
  • gaff-rigged — (of a sailboat) having one or more gaff sails.
  • gainesville — a city in N Florida.
  • galactocele — A cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance, usually located in the mammary glands, and caused by a protein plug that blocks off the outlet.
  • galactoside — A glycoside yielding galactose on hydrolysis.

12 letter words starting with g

  • gaff-topsail — Also called fore-and-aft topsail. a jib-headed fore-and-aft sail set above a gaff.
  • gainsboroughThomas, 1727–88, English painter.
  • gaithersburg — a town in central Maryland.
  • galactagogue — A food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.
  • galactometer — a lactometer.

13 letter words starting with g

  • gabrilowitsch — Ossip [aw-syip] /ˈɔ syɪp/ (Show IPA), 1878–1936, Russian pianist and conductor, in America.
  • gaidhealtachd — the area of Scotland in which Scottish Gaelic is the vernacular speech
  • galactosamine — an amino sugar that is a major component of glycolipids and chondroitin.
  • galactosidase — An enzyme, such as lactase, that is involved in the hydrolytic breakdown of a galactoside.
  • gallo-romance — the vernacular language, a development from Latin, spoken in France from about a.d. 600 to 900. Abbreviation: Gallo-Rom.

14 letter words starting with g

15 letter words starting with g

  • galloping-ghostHarold ("Red"; "the Galloping Ghost") 1903–1991, U.S. football player.
  • galvanomagnetic — of or relating to the creation of an electromagnetic field within a conductor, as a metal, or a semiconductor through which an electric current is passed.
  • galvanomagnetic effect — any of several phenomena that occur when an electric current is passed through a conductor or semiconductor situated in a magnetic field, as the Hall effect.

18 letter words starting with g

22 letter words starting with g

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