Words starting with fibr

5 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibr- — fibro-
  • fibre — a fine, threadlike piece, as of cotton, jute, or asbestos.
  • fibro — (uncountable) a building material consisting of fibres and cement pressed in to sheets.
  • fibre channel — (storage, networking, communications)   An ANSI standard originally intended for high-speed SANs connecting servers, disc arrays, and backup devices, also later adapted to form the physical layer of Gigabit Ethernet. Development work on Fibre channel started in 1988 and it was approved by the ANSI standards committee in 1994, running at 100Mb/s. More recent innovations have seen the speed of Fibre Channel SANs increase to 10Gb/s. Several topologies are possible with Fibre Channel, the most popular being a number of devices attached to one (or two, for redundancy) central Fibre Channel switches, creating a reliable infrastructure that allows servers to share storage arrays or tape libraries. One common use of Fibre Channel SANs is for high availability databaseq clusters where two servers are connected to one highly reliable RAID array. Should one server fail, the other server can mount the array itself and continue operations with minimal downtime and loss of data. Other advanced features include the ability to have servers and hard drives seperated by hundreds of miles or to rapidly mirror data between servers and hard drives, perhaps in seperate geographic locations.
  • fibre channel-arbitrated loop — (hardware, standard)   (FC-AL) A fast serial bus interface standard intended to replace SCSI on high-end servers. FC-AL has a number of advantages over SCSI. It offers higher speed: the base speed is 100 megabytes per second, with 200, 400, and 800 planned. Many devices are dual ported, i.e., can be accessed through two independent ports, which doubles speed and increases fault tolerance. Cables can be as long as 30 m (coaxial) or 10 km (optical). FC-AL enables self-configuring and hot swapping and the maximum number of devices on a single port is 126. Finally, it provides software compatibility with SCSI. Despite all these features FC-AL is unlikely to appear on desktops anytime soon, partly because its price, partly because typical desktop computers would not take advantage of many of the advanced features. On these systems FireWire has more potential.

6 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibred — (especially in combination) Having (a specified form of) fibres.
  • fibres — Plural form of fibre.
  • fibril — a small or fine fiber or filament.
  • fibrin — the insoluble protein end product of blood coagulation, formed from fibrinogen by the action of thrombin in the presence of calcium ions.
  • fibro- — indicating fibrous tissue

7 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibrate — any of a class of drugs used to lower fat levels in the body
  • fibrils — Plural form of fibril.
  • fibroid — resembling fiber or fibrous tissue.
  • fibroin — an indigestible protein that is a principal component of spider webs and silk.
  • fibroma — a tumor consisting essentially of fibrous tissue.

8 letter words starting with fibr

9 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibrefill — a synthetic fibre used as a filling for pillows, quilted materials, etc
  • fibrelike — resembling a fibre or fibres
  • fibriform — of the form of a fiber or fibers.
  • fibrillar — a small or fine fiber or filament.
  • fibrillin — a glycoprotein responsible for the formation of elastic fibres in connective tissue

10 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibreboard — (British, Canada) A material made from wood chips or shavings, which are compressed and bonded with resin and formed into stiff sheets, often laminated with melamine, and used in building or making furniture.
  • fibreglass — Silica based glass extruded into fibers that possess a length at least 1000 times greater than their width.
  • fibrescope — (British) An instrument, consisting of a fibre optic bundle, used to observe inaccessible areas.
  • fibrillary — Of or pertaining to fibrils, or nanoscale fibers.
  • fibrillate — to cause to undergo fibrillation.

11 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibrillated — to cause to undergo fibrillation.
  • fibrination — (medicine) The state of acquiring or having an excess of fibrin.
  • fibroblasts — Plural form of fibroblast.
  • fibrocement — (formerly) cement combined with asbestos fibre, used esp in sheets for building
  • fibrocystic — showing or having the increased fibrosis associated with dilated glandular structure, as in the breast nodules of fibrocystic disease.

12 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibrillating — Present participle of fibrillate.
  • fibrillation — the formation of fibrils.
  • fibrilliform — of the form of a fibril.
  • fibrinogenic — producing fibrin.
  • fibrinolysin — a proteolytic enzyme, formed in the blood from plasminogen, that causes the breakdown of the fibrin in blood clots.

13 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibromuscular — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to both fibrous and muscular tissue.
  • fibrovascular — composed of fibrous and conductive tissue, as in the vascular systems of higher plants: a fibrovascular bundle.

14 letter words starting with fibr

  • fibrinopeptide — (protein) A polypeptide fragment, cleaved from fibrinogen by thrombin, that combines to form fibrin during blood-clotting.
  • fibroadenomata — a benign tumor originating from glandular tissue, as in the female breast.
  • fibrocartilage — a type of cartilage having a large number of fibers.

15 letter words starting with fibr

18 letter words starting with fibr

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