Words starting with femi

5 letter words starting with femi

  • femic — of or relating to a group of rock-forming minerals in which iron and magnesium are essential components.

7 letter words starting with femi

  • femidom — a type of condom used by women and inserted into the vagina
  • feminal — Of or pertaining to women, femininity or feminism.
  • feminie — womankind; women collectively

8 letter words starting with femi

  • femicide — the act of killing a woman, as by a domestic partner or a member of a criminal enterprise: The rate of femicide where there is drug trafficking is far greater than it is elsewhere.
  • feminacy — feminine nature.
  • feminazi — A radical feminist.
  • feminine — pertaining to a woman or girl: feminine beauty; feminine dress.
  • feminise — Alternative spelling of feminize.

9 letter words starting with femi

  • femineity — feminine nature; womanliness.
  • feminines — Plural form of feminine.
  • feminised — Alternative spelling of feminized.
  • feminists — Plural form of feminist.
  • feminized — Made feminine; made to have more feminine behaviour, traits or physiology.

10 letter words starting with femi

  • feminality — The quality of being feminal; femininity.
  • feminility — feminine nature, qualities or characteristics
  • femininely — In a feminine manner.
  • femininism — the state of quality of being feminine
  • femininity — the quality of being feminine; womanliness.

12 letter words starting with femi

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