Words starting with cyt

4 letter words starting with cyt

  • cyte — Obsolete spelling of city.

5 letter words starting with cyt

  • cyto- — indicating a cell
  • cytol — Cytological.
  • cyton — the central part of a neuron

6 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytase — a cellulose-dissolving enzyme
  • cytode — a unicellular non-nucleated mass of protoplasm, the simplest form of life
  • cytoid — resembling a cell
  • cytost — any cellular substance liberated because of injury to the cell or cells.

7 letter words starting with cyt

  • cythera — a Greek island off the SE coast of the Peloponnese: in ancient times a centre of the worship of Aphrodite. Pop: 3354 (2001). Area: about 285 sq km (110 sq miles)
  • cytisus — any of a member of a diverse genus of fragrant plants of the family Fabaceae, native to Europe, western Asia, and north Africa, and having brightly coloured flowers
  • cytosis — (pathology) An abnormal increase in the number of a specified type of cells.
  • cytosol — the solution of proteins and metabolites inside a biological cell, in which the organelles are suspended

8 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytaster — aster.
  • cytherea — Aphrodite
  • cytidine — a nucleoside formed by the condensation of cytosine and ribose
  • cytisine — a toxic alkaloid found in several species of plants, similar in molecular structure to nicotine
  • cytogeny — (biology) cell production or development; cytogenesis.

9 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytherean — of or relating to Cytherea.
  • cytocidal — capable of killing cells.
  • cytokines — Plural form of cytokine.
  • cytokinin — any of a group of plant hormones that promote cell division and retard ageing in plants
  • cytologic — of or relating to cytology

10 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytarabine — a toxic synthetic nucleoside, C 9 H 13 N 3 O 5 , used as an immunosuppressive and cytotoxic agent in the treatment of certain leukemias.
  • cytherea's — Aphrodite: so called because of her birth in the sea near Cythera.
  • cytochrome — any of a group of naturally occurring compounds, consisting of iron, a protein, and a porphyrin, that are important in cell oxidation-reduction reactions
  • cytoclasis — destruction of cells.
  • cytococcus — (biology) The nucleus of the cytula or parent cell.

11 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytochromes — Plural form of cytochrome.
  • cytoclastic — destructive to cells.
  • cytogenesis — the origin and development of plant and animal cells
  • cytogenetic — Of or pertaining to the origin and development of cells.
  • cytokeratin — Either of several forms of keratin found in the intracytoplasmic cytoskeleton of epithelial tissue.

12 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytoanalyzer — an electronic optical device for screening smears of cells suspected of being malignant.
  • cytochalasin — any of a group of metabolites derived from fungus that interfere with cell processes
  • cytochemical — the branch of cell biology dealing with the detection of cell constituents by means of biochemical analysis and visualization techniques.
  • cytogenetics — the branch of genetics that correlates the structure, number, and behaviour of chromosomes with heredity and variation
  • cytokinetics — (biology) The study of cytokinesis.

13 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytochalasins — Plural form of cytochalasin.
  • cytochemistry — the chemistry of living cells
  • cytodiagnosis — the diagnosis of disease through the study of cells in the body
  • cytogenetical — of or related to cytogenetics
  • cytologically — the study of the microscopic appearance of cells, especially for the diagnosis of abnormalities and malignancies.

14 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytogeneticist — One who studies cytogenetics.
  • cytopathogenic — causing cytopathy
  • cytopathologic — the science dealing with the study of the diseases of cells.
  • cytophotometer — an instrument for examining cells by determining the intensity or wavelengths of light transmitted through them.
  • cytophotometry — the use of a photometer in order to study the chemical compounds of a cell

15 letter words starting with cyt

  • cytogenetically — (medicine, biology) By means or in terms of cytogenetics, the genetics of the cell.
  • cytomegalovirus — a virus of the herpes virus family that may cause serious disease in patients whose immune systems are compromised
  • cytophotometers — Plural form of cytophotometer.
  • cytophotometric — of or relating to cytophotometry
  • cytoplasmically — by means of a cytoplasm

16 letter words starting with cyt

17 letter words starting with cyt

18 letter words starting with cyt

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