Words starting with compou

8 letter words starting with compou

  • compound — A compound is an enclosed area of land that is used for a particular purpose.
  • compound a felony (or crime) — to agree, for a bribe or repayment, not to inform about or prosecute for a felony (or crime): it is an illegal act
  • compound animal — any animal, such as most hydroids, corals, and bryozoans, composed of a number of individuals produced by budding from a single parent and usually so fused together that no demarcation is clearly distinguishable
  • compound annual return — the total return available from an investment, deposit, etc, when the interest earned is used to augment the capital
  • compound document architecture — (file format)   (CDA) DEC's set of standards for compound document creation, storage, retrieval, interchange and manipulation.

9 letter words starting with compou

10 letter words starting with compou

  • compounded — If something is compounded of different things, it is a mixture of those things.
  • compounder — A person who mixes or combines ingredients in order to produce an animal feed, medicine, or other substance.

11 letter words starting with compou

  • compounding — the addition of interest on interest already earned or charged

12 letter words starting with compou

14 letter words starting with compou

  • compound-wound — noting an electric device in which part of the field circuit is in parallel with the armature circuit and part is in series with it.

16 letter words starting with compou

  • compound-complex sentence — a sentence having two or more coordinate independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses, as The lightning flashed (independent clause) and the rain fell (independent clause) as he entered the house (dependent clause).

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