Words starting with coe

3 letter words starting with coe

  • coe — Sebastian, Baron. born 1956, English middle-distance runner and sports administrator: won the 1500 metres at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics; chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games of 2012

4 letter words starting with coe

  • coed — A coed school or college is the same as a coeducational school or college.
  • coef — coefficient
  • coen — Jan Pieterszoon. 1587–1629, Dutch colonial administrator; governor general of the Dutch East Indies (1618–23, 1627–29)

5 letter words starting with coe

  • coeds — Plural form of coed.
  • coel- — indicating a cavity within a body or a hollow organ or part
  • coeur — Jacques. ?1395–1456, French merchant; councillor and court banker to Charles VII of France
  • coeur d'alene — a member of an Indian people in N Idaho around Coeur d'Alene Lake.
  • coeur de lion — Richard I, meaning “lionhearted.”.

6 letter words starting with coe

  • coedit — to edit (a book, newspaper, etc) jointly
  • coelia — Alternative form of cœlia.
  • coelom — the body cavity of many multicellular animals, situated in the mesoderm and containing the digestive tract and other visceral organs
  • coempt — to buy up (something) in its entirety
  • coeno- — common

7 letter words starting with coe

  • coehorn — a type of small artillery mortar
  • coeliac — of or relating to the abdomen
  • coeloms — Plural form of coelom.
  • coenact — to enact jointly
  • coequal — of the same size, rank, etc

8 letter words starting with coe

  • coeditor — a person who cooperates or collaborates as editor with another.
  • coeffect — a secondary effect
  • coelomic — Of, or relating to a coelom.
  • coembody — to embody jointly
  • coemploy — to employ together

9 letter words starting with coe

  • coeducate — Alternative spelling of co-educate.
  • coelomata — animals possessing a coelom
  • coelomate — an animal that possesses a coelom
  • coelostat — an astronomical instrument consisting of a plane mirror mounted parallel to the earth's axis and rotated about this axis once every two days so that light from a celestial body, esp the sun, is reflected onto a second mirror, which reflects the beam into a telescope
  • coemption — the buying up of the complete supply of a commodity

10 letter words starting with coe

  • coelacanth — a primitive marine bony fish of the genus Latimeria (subclass Crossopterygii), having fleshy limblike pectoral fins and occurring off the coast of E Africa: thought to be extinct until a living specimen was discovered in 1938
  • coeliotomy — (surgery) A surgical procedure for making an incision in the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity. Performed either as exploratory surgery, or as the first step in an abdominal operation.
  • coelomatic — of or relating to a coelom
  • coeloscope — celoscope.
  • coenobitic — cenobite.

11 letter words starting with coe

  • coeducation — instruction in schools, colleges, etc, attended by both sexes
  • coefficient — A coefficient is a number that expresses a measurement of a particular quality of a substance or object under specified conditions.
  • coelacanths — Plural form of coelacanth.
  • coelenteron — the simple saclike body cavity of a coelenterate
  • coelioscopy — a medical procedure for examining the abdomen

12 letter words starting with coe

  • coefficients — Plural form of coefficient.
  • coelacanthic — of or relating to the coelacanth
  • coelenterata — the phylum comprising the coelenterates.
  • coelenterate — any invertebrate of the phylum Cnidaria (formerly Coelenterata), having a saclike body with a single opening (mouth), which occurs in polyp and medusa forms. Coelenterates include the hydra, jellyfishes, sea anemones, and corals
  • coenesthesia — general awareness of one's own body

13 letter words starting with coe

14 letter words starting with coe

  • coelanaglyphic — (of pottery) decorated with sunken relief
  • coercive-force — the magnetic intensity needed to reduce to zero the magnetic flux density of a fully magnetized magnetic specimen or to demagnetize a magnet.
  • coevolutionary — of or relating to coevolution

15 letter words starting with coe

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