Words starting with co

2 letter words starting with co

3 letter words starting with co

  • co- — co- is used to form verbs or nouns that refer to people sharing things or doing things together.
  • co. — Co. is used as an abbreviation for company when it is part of the name of an organization.
  • coa — coenzyme A
  • cob — A cob is a type of short strong horse.
  • cod — Cod are a type of large edible fish.

4 letter words starting with co

  • coak — (in a scarf joint) a tenon in one member fitting into a corresponding recess of the other.
  • coal — Coal is a hard black substance that is extracted from the ground and burned as fuel.
  • coat — A coat is a piece of clothing with long sleeves which you wear over your other clothes when you go outside.
  • coax — If you coax someone into doing something, you gently try to persuade them to do it.
  • cobb — Howell [hou-uh l] /ˈhaʊ əl/ (Show IPA), 1815–68, U.S. politician: Speaker of the House 1849–51.

5 letter words starting with co

  • co-ed — A co-ed school or college is the same as a co-educational school or college.
  • co-op — A co-op is a co-operative.
  • coach — A coach is someone who trains a person or team of people in a particular sport.
  • coact — to act together
  • coaks — (in a scarf joint) a tenon in one member fitting into a corresponding recess of the other.

6 letter words starting with co

  • co-opt — If you co-opt someone, you persuade them to help or support you.
  • co-own — to own jointly with another: a building I co-owned with my brother.
  • coaler — a ship, train, etc, used to carry or supply coal
  • coanda — Henri Marie [ahn-ree ma-ree] /ɑ̃ˈri maˈri/ (Show IPA), 1885–1972, French engineer and inventor.
  • coarse — Coarse things have a rough texture because they consist of thick threads or large pieces.

7 letter words starting with co

  • co-host — a person who co-hosts.
  • co-oped — a cooperative store, dwelling, program, etc.
  • co-star — An actor's or actress's co-stars are the other actors or actresses who also have one of the main parts in a particular film.
  • coachee — a person who receives training from a coach, esp in business or office practice
  • coacher — a person who coaches; a coach.

8 letter words starting with co

  • co-chair — a person who chairs a committee, meeting, etc. jointly with another or others
  • co-occur — to happen at the same time as something else
  • co-owned — to own jointly with another: a building I co-owned with my brother.
  • co-wrote — to coauthor.
  • coaching — the act of training a person or team of people in a particular sport

9 letter words starting with co

  • co-anchor — one of the usually two anchors for a radio or TV newscast
  • co-driver — one of two drivers who take turns to drive a car, esp in a rally
  • co-editor — a person who cooperates or collaborates as editor with another.
  • co-equals — equal with another or each other in rank, ability, extent, etc.: The two top students were coequal.
  • co-manage — to manage (something) jointly

10 letter words starting with co

  • co-channel — denoting or relating to a radio transmission that is on the same frequency channel as another
  • co-edition — a title published jointly by two publishers
  • co-founder — a person who founds or establishes something with another.
  • co-manager — a person who manages something jointly with one or more other people
  • co-orbital — noting or pertaining to two or more celestial bodies that share or almost share an orbit.

11 letter words starting with co

  • co-chairman — one of two or more joint chairmen.
  • co-director — to direct (a movie or other performance) with another or others.
  • co-location — (networking)   /koh'loh-kay`sh*n/ or /koh`loh-kay'sh*n/ (Or "colocation") Providing network connections such as Internet leased lines to several servers housed together in a server room. This is typically provided as a commercial service. The hyphenated form is correct and the most common on the web, followed by "colocation". "collocation" (/ko`loh-kay'sh*n/, not /koh'-/), is an old word with a similar meaning. It is common in dictionaries and follows the pattern of other Latin-derived words like collect, college, and collate, but is least common on the web. The verbal form is "to colocate" or "co-locate" (commonly /koh'loh`kayt/, also (US) /koh`loh'kayt/).
  • co-ordinate — If you co-ordinate an activity, you organize the various people and things involved in it.
  • co-producer — to produce (a motion picture, play, etc.) in collaboration with others.

12 letter words starting with co

  • co-dependent — A co-dependent person is in an unsatisfactory relationship with someone who is ill or an addict, but does not want the relationship to end.
  • co-extrusion — simultaneous extrusion of two or more different yet compatible metals or plastics through the same die.
  • co-opetition — cooperation between competitors in business, esp in the computer industry
  • co-ordinator — a person or thing that coordinates.
  • co-parenting — a divorced or separated parent who shares equally with the other parent in the custody and care of a child.

13 letter words starting with co

  • co-curricular — related but only complementary to the official curriculum, as a civic or service activity outside the classroom.
  • co-dependency — a state of mutual dependence between two people, esp when one partner relies emotionally on supporting and caring for the other partner
  • co-occurrence — the fact of two things happening at the same time
  • co-respondent — a person cited in divorce proceedings, who is alleged to have committed adultery with the respondent
  • coalification — the compression, over time, of plant matter into coal

14 letter words starting with co

  • co-chairperson — one of two or more joint chairpersons.
  • co-conspirator — a fellow conspirator; associate or collaborator in a conspiracy.
  • co-trimoxazole — an antibiotic consisting of a mixture of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole (a sulfa drug): used esp to treat infections of the urinary tract and lungs (as in AIDS)
  • coach-and-four — a coach together with the four horses by which it is drawn.
  • coarse-grained — having a large or coarse grain

15 letter words starting with co

  • codetermination — joint participation of management and employees or employees' trade union representatives in some decisions
  • coinstantaneous — taking place at exactly the same moment
  • coldwater-river — a river in NW Mississippi, flowing S to the Tallahatchie River. 220 miles (354 km) long.
  • collaboratively — in the manner of working with others on a joint project

16 letter words starting with co

  • cock-of-the-rock — either of two tropical South American birds, Rupicola rupicola or R. peruviana, having an erectile crest and (in the male) a brilliant red or orange plumage: family Cotingidae (cotingas)
  • coleridge-taylor — Samuel. 1875–1912, British composer, best known for his trilogy of oratorios Song of Hiawatha (1898–1900)
  • collaborationist — A collaborationist government or individual is one that helps or gives support to the enemy during the war.

17 letter words starting with co

  • cock-a-doodle-doo — an imitation or representation of a cock crowing
  • codlins-and-cream — an onagraceous plant, Epilobium hirsutum, native to Europe and Asia and introduced into North America, having purplish-red flowers and hairy stems and leaves

18 letter words starting with co

  • coccidioidomycosis — a disease of the skin or viscera, esp the lungs, caused by infection with the fungus Coccidioides immitis

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