Words starting with chor

4 letter words starting with chor

  • chor — (Geordie) Alternative form of chore#Etymology_2 (to steal).

5 letter words starting with chor

  • chord — A chord is a number of musical notes played or sung at the same time with a pleasing effect.
  • chore — A chore is a task that you must do but that you find unpleasant or boring.
  • choro — (music) A genre of Brazilian popular music.
  • chord change — a movement from one chord to another
  • chord chart — a chart indicating by means of symbols the identity, sequence, and duration of the musical chords occurring in the accompaniment to a melody.

6 letter words starting with chor

  • choral — Choral music is sung by a choir.
  • chorda — a cord-like formation in the body
  • chords — Plural form of chord.
  • chorea — a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by uncontrollable irregular brief jerky movements
  • chored — Simple past tense and past participle of chore.

7 letter words starting with chor

  • chorale — A chorale is a piece of music sung as part of a church service.
  • chorals — Plural form of choral.
  • chordal — of, relating to, or resembling a chord.
  • chorded — Simple past tense and past participle of chord.
  • chordee — an unusual bending downwards of the penis, visible when erect, that is a symptom of gonorrhoea

8 letter words starting with chor

  • choragus — the leader of a chorus
  • chorales — Plural form of chorale.
  • chorally — of a chorus or a choir: She heads our new choral society.
  • chordata — the phylum comprising the chordates.
  • chordate — any animal of the phylum Chordata, including the vertebrates and protochordates, characterized by a notochord, dorsal tubular nerve cord, and pharyngeal gill slits

9 letter words starting with chor

  • choralist — a person who sings in a chorus or ensemble
  • chordates — belonging or pertaining to the phylum Chordata, comprising the true vertebrates and those animals having a notochord, as the lancelets and tunicates.
  • chordless — Lacking chords.
  • chordwise — in the direction of an aerofoil chord
  • choreatic — any of several diseases of the nervous system characterized by jerky, involuntary movements, chiefly of the face and extremities.

10 letter words starting with chor

  • chordotomy — an operation to paralyse nerve tracts in the spinal chord in order to relieve pain associated with certain conditions
  • choreiform — resembling the signs and indications of chorea
  • choreology — the method of writing down the signs and characters that indicate movements in dance
  • choreutics — a system that analyzes form in movement, developed by Rudolf von Laban (1879–1958), Hungarian choreographer and dance theorist.
  • choriambus — choriamb.

11 letter words starting with chor

  • chordophone — any musical instrument producing sounds through the vibration of strings, such as the piano, harp, violin, or guitar
  • chordotonal — (of an insect) responsive to sound vibrations, as certain organs or parts.
  • choreodrama — dance drama performed by a group
  • choreograph — When someone choreographs a ballet or other dance, they invent the steps and movements and tell the dancers how to perform them.
  • chorography — the technique of mapping regions

12 letter words starting with chor

  • chordophones — Plural form of chordophone.
  • chordophonic — of or relating to a chordophone
  • choregrapher — Alt form choreographer.
  • choreographs — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of choreograph.
  • choreography — Choreography is the inventing of steps and movements for ballets and other dances.

13 letter words starting with chor

  • choreographed — You describe an activity involving several people as choreographed when it is arranged but is intended to appear natural.
  • choreographer — A choreographer is someone who invents the movements for a ballet or other dance and tells the dancers how to perform them.
  • choreographic — Choreographic means relating to or connected with choreography.
  • chorepiscopal — (in early Christianity) relating to or connected with a local bishop
  • choripetalous — polypetalous

14 letter words starting with chor

15 letter words starting with chor

  • chorioallantoic — relating to the chorioallantois
  • chorioallantois — the membrane of a fetus that is formed by the merging of the allantois and the chorion
  • choriocarcinoma — a cancer that occurs during pregnancy in the uterus
  • chorioretinitis — (medicine) An inflammation of the choroid and retina of the eye.

16 letter words starting with chor

  • chorioamnionitis — Inflammation of the fetal membranes (amnion and chorion) due to a bacterial infection, most often associated with prolonged labour.
  • choriomeningitis — (medicine) A form of cerebral meningitis associated with inflammation of the choroid plexus.

17 letter words starting with chor

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