Words starting with chin

4 letter words starting with chin

  • chin — Your chin is the part of your face that is below your mouth and above your neck.
  • chin ball — a device fastened under the chin of a bull to mark cows it has mounted
  • chin cactus — any of various globular cacti of the genus Gymnocalycium, native to South America, having white or pinkish flowers and a chinlike protrusion below each cluster of spines.
  • chin hills — a mountainous region of W Myanmar; part of the Arakan Yoma system. Highest peak: Mount Victoria, 3053 m (10 075 ft)
  • chin job — a cosmetic operation to improve the shape of the chin

5 letter words starting with chin

  • china — China is a hard white substance made from clay. It is used to make things such as cups, bowls, plates, and ornaments.
  • chine — the backbone
  • ching — of, relating to, or designating the Manchu dynasty (1644–1912) of China
  • chink — A chink in a surface is a very narrow crack or opening in it.
  • chino — a durable cotton twill cloth

6 letter words starting with chin

  • chinan — a city in and the capital of Shandong province, in E China.
  • chinar — The oriental plane tree, native from southeastern Europe to northern Iran.
  • chinas — Plural form of china.
  • chinch — bedbug
  • chined — Pertaining to, or having, a chine, or backbone; used in composition.

7 letter words starting with chin

  • chin-up — an exercise in which a person grips an elevated bar and pulls himself or herself up until the chin is level with the bar
  • chinars — Plural form of chinar.
  • chinchy — miserly
  • chindia — China and India considered together in economic and strategic terms
  • chindit — a member of the Allied forces commanded by Orde Wingate fighting behind the Japanese lines in Burma (1943–45)

8 letter words starting with chin

  • chin-wag — to engage in informal or idle conversation; chat or gossip
  • chinaman — a native or inhabitant of China
  • chinampa — an artificially created island used for growing crops in Mexican or in Mesoamerican agriculture
  • chinbeak — a molding having a convex upper surface and a concave lower one, with a fillet between them; beak.
  • chinbone — the front part of the jawbone that constitutes the chin

9 letter words starting with chin

  • chin-bone — the anterior portion of the mandible, forming the prominence of the chin.
  • chin-chin — a greeting, farewell, or toast
  • chinampas — Plural form of chinampa.
  • chinaroot — the root of either of two plants, the galanga or the smilax
  • chinatown — Chinatown is the name given to the area in a city where there are many Chinese shops and restaurants, and which is a social centre for the Chinese community in the city.

10 letter words starting with chin

  • chin-strap — a strap attached to a hat for passing under the chin of the wearer.
  • china-ware — dishes, ornaments, etc., made of china.
  • chinaberry — a spreading Asian meliaceous tree, Melia azedarach, widely grown in the US for its ornamental white or purple flowers and beadlike yellow fruits
  • chinachina — the bark of the chinchona tree
  • chinagraph — a coloured pencil used for writing on china, glass, etc

11 letter words starting with chin

  • chinchillas — Plural form of chinchilla.
  • chindonesia — China, India, and Indonesia: seen collectively as the most important developing economies with the best growth markets for investors
  • chingtechen — Jingdezhen.
  • chinoiserie — a style of decorative or fine art based on imitations of Chinese motifs
  • chinquapins — Plural form of chinquapin.

12 letter words starting with chin

  • chinaberries — Plural form of chinaberry.
  • chincoteague — a town on a small island in a lagoon (Chincoteague Bay) in E Virginia: annual wild pony roundup.
  • chinhuangtao — a seaport in NE Hebei province, in NE China, on the Bohai.
  • chincoteague pony — a wild pony found on certain islands off the Virginia coast, apparently descended from Moorish ponies shipwrecked in this vicinity in the 16th century.

13 letter words starting with chin

  • chinese-anise — Also called Chinese anise. a shrub or small tree, Illicium verum, of China, having white flowers that turn purple and bearing anise-scented, star-shaped clusters of carminative fruit.
  • chinkerinchee — a flowering plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, that produces clusters of white and yellow flowers

14 letter words starting with chin

  • chincherinchee — a bulbous South African liliaceous plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, having long spikes of white or yellow long-lasting flowers

15 letter words starting with chin

  • chinese-lantern plant — a perennial ground-cherry (Physalis alkekengi) grown for winter bouquets because of the bladderlike red calyx that surrounds its small, tomatolike fruit

16 letter words starting with chin

  • chinese-hibiscus — Also called Bengal rose. a rose, Rosa chinensis, of China, having slightly fragrant crimson, pink, or white flowers.
  • chinese-pavilion — a shape resembling a segment of a ring tapering to points at the ends.

18 letter words starting with chin

  • chinese-restaurant syndrome — a reaction, as headache, sweating, etc., to monosodium glutamate, sometimes added to food in Chinese restaurants.

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