Words starting with bur

3 letter words starting with bur

  • bur — a seed vessel or flower head, as of burdock, having hooks or prickles
  • bur chervil — a plant of the carrot family, Anthriscus caucalis, that is related to and resembles chervil
  • bur clover — any of several Eurasian legumes of the genus Medicago, as M. hispida, having yellow flowers and prickly, coiled, black pods, naturalized in North America.
  • bur cucumber — a climbing vine, Sicyos angulatus, of the gourd family, of eastern and midwestern North America, having leaves with pointed lobes, small white or greenish flowers, and clusters of prickly fruits.
  • bur marigold — any plant of the genus Bidens that has yellow flowers and pointed fruits that cling to fur and clothing: family Asteraceae (composites)

4 letter words starting with bur

  • burb — a suburb
  • burd — a young lady; maiden.
  • burg — a fortified town
  • buri — the first of the gods, revealed when the cow Audhumla licked away the salty ice that covered him.
  • burkMartha Jane, 1852?–1903, Calamity Jane.

5 letter words starting with bur

  • buran — a blizzard, with the wind blowing from the north and reaching gale force
  • buraq — the legendary beast, a winged horse with the face of a woman and the tail of a peacock, on which Muhammad ascended to heaven.
  • burbs — suburb.
  • buret — a graduated glass tube, commonly having a stopcock at the bottom, used for accurately measuring or measuring out small quantities of liquid.
  • burga — a loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes, worn by Muslim women.

6 letter words starting with bur

  • burble — If something burbles, it makes a low continuous bubbling sound.
  • burbly — burbling
  • burbot — a freshwater gadoid food fish, Lota lota, that has barbels around its mouth and occurs in Europe, Asia, and North America
  • burden — If you describe a problem or a responsibility as a burden, you mean that it causes someone a lot of difficulty, worry, or hard work.
  • bureau — A bureau is an office, organization, or government department that collects and distributes information.

7 letter words starting with bur

  • burbage — James. ?1530–97, English actor and theatre manager, who built (1576) the first theatre in England
  • burbank — Luther1849-1926; U.S. horticulturist: bred numerous varieties of fruits, vegetables, & flowers
  • burdash — a fringed sash worn over a coat
  • burdock — a coarse weedy Eurasian plant of the genus Arctium, having large heart-shaped leaves, tiny purple flowers surrounded by hooked bristles, and burlike fruits: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • bureaux — Bureaux is a plural form of bureau.

8 letter words starting with bur

  • buraydah — a town and oasis in central Saudi Arabia. Pop: 462 000 (2005 est)
  • burberry — a light good-quality raincoat, esp of gabardine
  • burbidge — (Eleanor) Margaret (Peachey) [pee-chee] /ˈpi tʃi/ (Show IPA), born 1919, U.S. astronomer, born in England.
  • burbling — the bubbling or gurgling sound of water
  • burdened — If you are burdened with something, it causes you a lot of worry or hard work.

9 letter words starting with bur

  • burdenous — burdensome
  • burgeoned — to grow or develop quickly; flourish: The town burgeoned into a city. He burgeoned into a fine actor.
  • burgessesAnthony, 1917–93, English novelist and critic.
  • burkinabé — of or relating to Burkina Faso or its inhabitants
  • burladero — a safe area for the bull-fighter in a bull ring

10 letter words starting with bur

  • burchfieldCharles Ephraim, 1893–1967, U.S. painter.
  • burckhardt — Jacob Christoph. 1818–97, Swiss art and cultural historian; author of The Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy (1860)
  • burdensome — If you describe something as burdensome, you mean it is worrying or hard to deal with.
  • bureaucrat — Bureaucrats are officials who work in a large administrative system. You can refer to officials as bureaucrats especially if you disapprove of them because they seem to follow rules and procedures too strictly.
  • burgenland — a state of E Austria. Capital: Eisenstadt. Pop: 276 419 (2003 est). Area: 3965 sq km (1531 sq miles)

11 letter words starting with bur

  • bureaucracy — A bureaucracy is an administrative system operated by a large number of officials.
  • burglarious — of, constituting, or inclined to burglary
  • burgomaster — the chief magistrate of a town in Austria, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands; mayor
  • burkburnett — a town in N Texas.
  • burlesquely — in a burlesque manner

12 letter words starting with bur

  • bureaucratic — Bureaucratic means involving complicated rules and procedures which can cause long delays.
  • burglarproof — safeguarded or secure against burglary.
  • burrillville — a town in N Rhode Island.
  • burseraceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Burseraceae, a tropical family of trees and shrubs having compound leaves and resin or balsam in their stems. The family includes bdellium and some balsams

13 letter words starting with bur

  • bureaucratese — wordy, jargon-filled, overcomplicated language considered typical of bureaucrats
  • bureaucratism — an official of a bureaucracy.
  • bureaucratist — a believer in bureaucracy
  • bureaucratize — to administer by or transform into a bureaucracy
  • burglar-proof — designed to be secure and to frustrate any attempted burglary

14 letter words starting with bur

  • burschenschaft — a students' fraternity, originally one concerned with Christian ideals, patriotism, etc

16 letter words starting with bur

  • bureaucratically — of, relating to, or characteristic of a bureaucrat or a bureaucracy; arbitrary and routine.

17 letter words starting with bur

  • bureaucratization — to divide an administrative agency or office into bureaus.
  • burton-upon-trent — a town in W central England, in E Staffordshire: famous for brewing. Pop: 43 784 (2001)

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