Words starting with baal

4 letter words starting with baal

  • baal — any of several ancient Semitic fertility gods
  • baal kore — an official in the synagogue, as a cantor, who reads the weekly portion of the Torah.
  • baal merodach — Marduk.
  • baal shem tov — original name Israel ben Eliezer ?1700–60, Jewish religious leader, teacher, and healer in Poland: founder of modern Hasidism

6 letter words starting with baal

  • baalim — any of numerous local deities among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped with much sensuality.

7 letter words starting with baal

  • baalbek — a town in E Lebanon: an important city in Phoenician and Roman times; extensive ruins. Pop: 150 000 (1998 est)
  • baalism — the worship of false gods or idols

8 letter words starting with baal

  • baalebos — the master of the house
  • baalshem — a person who works miracles by calling upon the name of God, especially one of the German and Polish Jews of the 16th–19th centuries considered to be saintly and to possess magical powers.

13 letter words starting with baal

  • baal-shem-tov — (Israel ben Eliezer"Besht") c1700–60, Ukrainian teacher and religious leader: founder of the Hasidic movement of Judaism.

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