Words starting with ba

2 letter words starting with ba

  • ba — A BA is a first degree in an arts or social science subject. BA is an abbreviation for 'Bachelor of Arts'.
  • ba jin — (Li Feigan) 1904–2005, Chinese writer.

3 letter words starting with ba

  • baa — to make the cry of a sheep; bleat
  • bab — the Bab title of Mirza Ali Mohammed. 1819–50, Persian religious leader: founded Babism; executed as a heretic of Islam
  • bac — baccalaureate
  • bad — If you say that it is bad that something happens, you mean it is unacceptable, unfortunate, or wrong.
  • bae — an affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, etc.: I love you, bae.

4 letter words starting with ba

  • baal — any of several ancient Semitic fertility gods
  • baas — a South African word for a boss: often used by Black or Coloured people addressing a White manager or overseer
  • baba — a small cake of leavened dough, sometimes mixed with currants and usually soaked in rum (rum baba)
  • babe — Some people use babe as an affectionate way of addressing someone they love.
  • babi — a disciple of the Bab

5 letter words starting with ba

  • baaed — to make the sound of a sheep; bleat.
  • baath — a socialist party of some Arab countries, especially Iraq and Syria.
  • babar — Babur
  • babel — If there is a babel of voices, you hear a lot of people talking at the same time, so that you cannot understand what they are saying.
  • baber — original name Zahir ud-Din Mohammed 1483–1530, founder of the Mogul Empire: conquered India in 1526

6 letter words starting with ba

  • ba'ath — designating or of a political party formed in Syria in the 1940s: separate factions of the party have ruled Syria since 1970 and ruled Iraq from 1968 to 2003
  • baalim — any of numerous local deities among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped with much sensuality.
  • babaco — a subtropical parthenocarpic tree, Carica pentagona, originating in South America, cultivated for its fruit: family Caricaceae
  • babble — If someone babbles, they talk in a confused or excited way.
  • babeuf — François Noël (frɑ̃swa nɔɛl) 1760–97, French political agitator: plotted unsuccessfully to destroy the Directory and establish a communistic system

7 letter words starting with ba

  • baalbek — a town in E Lebanon: an important city in Phoenician and Roman times; extensive ruins. Pop: 150 000 (1998 est)
  • baalism — the worship of false gods or idols
  • baaskap — (formerly in South Africa) control by White people of non-White people
  • babalas — drunk; hungover
  • babassu — a Brazilian palm tree, Orbignya martiana (or O. speciosa), having hard edible nuts that yield an oil used in making soap, margarine, etc

8 letter words starting with ba

  • baalebos — the master of the house
  • baalshem — a person who works miracles by calling upon the name of God, especially one of the German and Polish Jews of the 16th–19th centuries considered to be saintly and to possess magical powers.
  • baathism — a socialist party of some Arab countries, especially Iraq and Syria.
  • babbitry — the attitude and behavior of a Babbitt.
  • babbling — inarticulate or imperfect speech.

9 letter words starting with ba

  • babashoffShirley, born 1957, U.S. swimmer.
  • babbittry — the attitude and behavior of a Babbitt.
  • babelized — reduced to complete confusion or meaninglessness.
  • babington — Anthony 1561–86, English conspirator, executed for organizing an unsuccessful plot (1586) to assassinate Elizabeth I and place Mary, Queen of Scots, on the English throne
  • baboonery — uncouth or brutish behaviour

10 letter words starting with ba

  • babblative — having a tendency to babble; loquacious
  • babesiasis — any of several tick-borne diseases of cattle, dogs, horses, sheep, and swine, caused by a babesia protozoan and characterized by fever and languor.
  • babesiosis — a tick-borne disease of domesticated and wild mammals as well as humans, caused by a protozoan of the genera Babesia and characterized by fever, anaemia, jaundice, and in severe cases leading to death
  • babylonian — an inhabitant of ancient Babylon or Babylonia
  • babylonish — Babylonian.

11 letter words starting with ba

  • babelicious — (of a woman) sexually very attractive.
  • baby-boomer — a person born during a baby boom, especially one born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1965.
  • baby-minder — a person who is paid to look after other people's babies or very young children
  • baby-mother — a young mother who has been abandoned by the baby's father just before or after the birth
  • baby-sitter — a person who takes care of a child or children while the parents are out

12 letter words starting with ba

  • baby's-tears — a mosslike plant, Soleirolia (or Helxine) soleirolii, of the nettle family, native to Corsica and Sardinia, having small, roundish leaves and minute flowers.
  • baby-bouncer — a seat on springs suspended from a door frame, etc, in which a baby may be placed for exercise
  • baccalauréat — (esp in France) a school-leaving examination that qualifies the successful candidates for entrance to university
  • bacchanalian — characterized by or involving drunken revelry
  • bachelorette — A bachelorette is a woman who has never married.

13 letter words starting with ba

  • baal-shem-tov — (Israel ben Eliezer"Besht") c1700–60, Ukrainian teacher and religious leader: founder of the Hasidic movement of Judaism.
  • baby's-breath — a tall Eurasian caryophyllaceous plant, Gypsophila paniculata, bearing small white or pink fragrant flowers
  • baccalaureate — The baccalaureate is an examination taken by students at the age of eighteen in France and some other countries.
  • bacillophobia — The fear of microbes. Also known as germaphobia.
  • back-slapping — Back-slapping is noisy, cheerful behaviour which people use in order to show affection or appreciation to each other.

14 letter words starting with ba

  • babies'-breath — baby's breath
  • baby-blue-eyes — any of several plants of the genus Nemophila, of western North America, especially N. menziesii, a low-growing plant having blue, white-centered flowers.
  • back-and-forth — backward and forward; side to side; to and fro: a back-and-forth shuttling of buses to the stadium; the back-and-forth movement of a clock's pendulum.
  • back-clearance — Machinery. the gradual termination of a groove on the body of an object not ending there, as the upper termination of a flute in a twist drill. Also called back clearance. a space in a depressed area of an object into which a machine tool or grinding wheel may safely enter at the end of a pass or operation.
  • back-formation — the analogical creation of one word from another word that appears to be a derived or inflected form of the first by dropping the apparent affix or by modification.

15 letter words starting with ba

  • bait-and-switch — denoting a deceptive method of selling, by which customers, attracted to a store by sale items, are told either that the advertised bargain item is out of stock or is inferior to a higher-priced item that is available.
  • balanoposthitis — An inflammation of the glans penis and the prepuce.

16 letter words starting with ba

17 letter words starting with ba

  • bachelor's-button — any of various plants with round flower heads, especially the cornflower.
  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight
  • baden-wurttemberg — a state of SW Germany. Capital: Stuttgart. Pop: 53 938 (2003 est). Area: 35 742 sq km (13 800 sq miles)
  • baile-atha-cliath — Gaelic Baile Àtha Cliath. a seaport in and the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the E part, on the Irish Sea.

18 letter words starting with ba

  • bachelor's-buttons — any of various plants of the daisy family with button-like flower heads

19 letter words starting with ba

  • bacteriochlorophyll — a pale blue-gray form of chlorophyll that is unique to the photosynthetic but anaerobic purple bacteria.

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