Words starting with audi

5 letter words starting with audi

  • audie — a female or male given name.
  • audio — Audio equipment is used for recording and reproducing sound.
  • audit — When an accountant audits an organization's accounts, he or she examines the accounts officially in order to make sure that they have been done correctly.
  • audio book — recording of a book
  • audio conference — a meeting that is conducted by the use of audio telecommunications

6 letter words starting with audi

  • audial — of or relating to sound and the sense of hearing
  • audile — a person who possesses a faculty for auditory imagery that is more distinct than his visual or other imagery
  • auding — the practice of listening to and processing spoken language in order to understand
  • audio- — indicating hearing or sound
  • audion — an early type of triode.

7 letter words starting with audi

  • audible — A sound that is audible is loud enough to be heard.
  • audibly — capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard; actually heard.
  • audient — a person who hears or listens
  • audions — an early type of triode.
  • audited — Simple past tense and past participle of audit.

8 letter words starting with audi

  • audibled — Simple past tense and past participle of audible.
  • audibles — Plural form of audible.
  • audience — The audience at a play, concert, film, or public meeting is the group of people watching or listening to it.
  • audients — Plural form of audient.
  • audioone — (tool, music)   Digital recording and editing software developed by BizTrack Software Development for the dance, music, and audio industries. AudioOne includes a waveform recorder that allows signal manipulation, editing, and recording.

9 letter words starting with audi

  • audiences — the group of spectators at a public event; listeners or viewers collectively, as in attendance at a theater or concert: The audience was respectful of the speaker's opinion.
  • audiencia — a high court, found in South America during the colonial period
  • audiobook — a recorded reading of a book recorded on tape, CD, or digital formats
  • audiogram — a graphic record of the acuity of hearing of a person obtained by means of an audiometer
  • audiology — the scientific study of hearing, often including the treatment of persons with hearing defects

10 letter words starting with audi

  • audibility — capable of being heard; loud enough to be heard; actually heard.
  • audiobooks — Plural form of audiobook.
  • audiogenic — caused or produced by sound or an audio frequency
  • audiograms — Plural form of audiogram.
  • audiograph — a machine used to test a patient's hearing by transmitting sound waves directly to the inner ear

11 letter words starting with audi

  • audibleness — The state or quality of being audible.
  • audiologist — the study of hearing disorders, including evaluation of hearing function and rehabilitation of patients with hearing impairments.
  • audiometers — Plural form of audiometer.
  • audiometric — the testing of hearing by means of an audiometer.
  • audiophiles — Plural form of audiophile.

12 letter words starting with audi

  • audio-visual — Audio-visual equipment and materials involve both recorded sound and pictures.
  • audiological — Of, or pertaining to, audiology, or the study of hearing.
  • audiologists — Plural form of audiologist.
  • audiovisuals — Plural form of audiovisual.
  • auditorially — Anatomy, Physiology. pertaining to hearing, to the sense of hearing, or to the organs of hearing.

13 letter words starting with audi

  • audio-lingual — pertaining to listening comprehension and speaking, especially in learning a foreign language.
  • audiocassette — a cassette containing audiotape
  • audiographics — audiographic teleconferencing
  • audio-lingual method — a technique of foreign-language instruction that emphasizes audio-lingual skills over reading and writing and is characterized by extensive use of pattern practice.

14 letter words starting with audi

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