Words starting with ate

3 letter words starting with ate

  • ate — Ate is the past tense of eat.

4 letter words starting with ate

  • aten — (in ancient Egypt) the solar disc worshipped as the sole god in the reign of Akhenaten
  • ates — a shop that sells confectionery
  • aten asteroid — one of a small group of asteroids whose orbits cross that of the earth and whose semimajor axes are smaller than that of the earth.

6 letter words starting with ate

  • atelic — showing an action or happening as being unfinished
  • ateste — ancient name of Este.

7 letter words starting with ate

  • atelier — An atelier is an artist's studio or workshop.
  • atemoya — a globe-shaped tropical fruit, a hybrid of the cherimoya (Annona cherimola) and the sweetsop (A. squamosa), which has a rough green skin and juicy white flesh. It is also known as the pineapple sweetsop
  • aterian — designating or of the Middle or Upper Paleolithic culture of N Africa, characterized by arrowheads with barbs and tangs, etc.

8 letter words starting with ate

  • atechnic — a person who has no technical or scientific ability or understanding
  • ateliers — Plural form of atelier.
  • atemoyas — Plural form of atemoya.
  • atenolol — a type of beta-blocker that is taken by mouth and is used to treat angina and high blood pressure

9 letter words starting with ate

  • ateliosis — a form of infantilism caused by pituitary malfunction, characterized by a childish face and voice and associated physical underdevelopment, but not affecting intelligence.
  • atemporal — having the quality of being uninfluenced, ungoverned or unchanged by time

10 letter words starting with ate

  • atef-crown — a symbolic headdress of certain Egyptian gods, as Osiris, and of Egyptian kings, consisting of a tall conical cap flanked by two plumes and bearing representations of the uraeus and the sun.
  • ateleiosis — the condition of having restricted or impaired growth
  • atevirdine — A non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor that has been studied for the treatment of HIV.

11 letter words starting with ate

  • atelectasis — failure of the lungs to expand fully at birth
  • atelectatic — relating to or characterized by atelectasis
  • atelierista — Studio teacher.
  • atelophobia — The fear of imperfection or not being good enough.

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