Words starting with at

2 letter words starting with at

  • at — You use at to indicate the place or event where something happens or is situated.
  • at (the) worst — You use at worst or at the worst to indicate that you are mentioning the worst thing that might happen in a situation.
  • at a (or one) blow — by one action
  • at a canter — easily; without effort
  • at a clip — If something moves or happens at a fast clip, it moves or happens quickly.

3 letter words starting with at

  • at- — ad-
  • ata — Advanced Technology Attachment
  • atb — all the best
  • atc — air-traffic control
  • ate — Ate is the past tense of eat.

4 letter words starting with at

  • at&t — American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.
  • at-3 — (language)   The original name of MATH-MATIC.
  • atap — the fronds of palm trees, particularly those of Nipa fruticans, used in South East Asia to thatch houses
  • atar — attar (def 1).
  • aten — (in ancient Egypt) the solar disc worshipped as the sole god in the reign of Akhenaten

5 letter words starting with at

  • ata-2 — Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions
  • ata-4 — (storage)   (Or "Ultra DMA", "UDMA", "Ultra-ATA", "Ultra-DMA/33") A development of the Advanced Technology Attachment specifications which gives nearly twice the maximum transfer rate of the ATA-3 standard (PIO Mode 4). ATA-4 Extensions Ultra DMA/33 Synchronous DMA Mode maximum burst transfer rates: Developed by Quantum Corporation, ATA-4 has been freely licensed to manufacturers and is supported by Intel Corporation.
  • atapi — AT Attachment Packet Interface
  • atari — (game of go) A move that threatens the immediate capture of one or more stones.
  • ataxy — loss of coordination of the muscles, especially of the extremities.

6 letter words starting with at

  • at-bat — Sports. the wooden club used in certain games, as baseball and cricket, to strike the ball. a racket, especially one used in badminton or table tennis. a whip used by a jockey. the act of using a club or racket in a game. the right or turn to use a club or racket.
  • atabal — a drum played by the Moorish people of N Africa
  • atabeg — a Turkish leader who had a lower status than the ruler of the country and who acted as teacher and guardian to the male heir apparent
  • atabek — Turkish ruler
  • ataman — an elected leader of the Cossacks; hetman

7 letter words starting with at

  • at-desk — carried out at a person's desk at his or her place of work
  • at-home — Also, at home. a reception of visitors at certain hours at one's home.
  • atactic — (of a polymer) having random sequence of the stereochemical arrangement of groups on carbon atoms in the chain; not stereospecific
  • ataghan — yataghan.
  • atakapa — a member of an American Indian people living along the coast of Louisiana.

8 letter words starting with at

  • atabrine — quinacrine hydrochloride, C23H30ClN3O·2HCl·2H2O, a synthetic drug used in treating malaria and other diseases
  • atalanta — a maiden who agreed to marry any man who could defeat her in a running race. She lost to Hippomenes when she paused to pick up three golden apples that he had deliberately dropped
  • atamasco — relating to an American lily of the genus Zephyranthes
  • ataraxia — calmness or peace of mind; emotional tranquillity
  • ataraxic — a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

9 letter words starting with at

  • atabalipa — Atahualpa.
  • atacamite — a mineral, green in colour, containing copper and present in Australia, Chile, and Cornwall
  • atahualpa — ?1500–33, the last Inca emperor of Peru (1525–33), who was put to death by the Spanish under Pizarro
  • ataractic — able to calm or tranquillize
  • atavistic — Atavistic feelings or behaviour seem to be very primitive, like the feelings or behaviour of our earliest ancestors.

10 letter words starting with at

  • ataractics — Plural form of ataractic.
  • atascadero — a town in SW California.
  • atazanavir — (pharmaceutical drug) An anti-retroviral drug of the protease inhibitor class that is used in to treat HIV infected patients.
  • atef-crown — a symbolic headdress of certain Egyptian gods, as Osiris, and of Egyptian kings, consisting of a tall conical cap flanked by two plumes and bearing representations of the uraeus and the sun.
  • ateleiosis — the condition of having restricted or impaired growth

11 letter words starting with at

  • atactostele — (botany) A type of eustele, found in monocots, in which the vascular tissue in the stem exists as scattered bundles.
  • atchafalaya — a river in S central Louisiana, flowing S to an inlet (Atchafalaya Bay) on the Gulf of Mexico; a heavily engineered distributary of the Mississippi. 225 miles (362 km).
  • atelectasis — failure of the lungs to expand fully at birth
  • atelectatic — relating to or characterized by atelectasis
  • atelierista — Studio teacher.

12 letter words starting with at

  • atactostelic — Of or possessing an atactostele.
  • atharva-veda — the fourth and latest Veda, largely consisting of priestly spells and incantations
  • atheological — having an aversion or resistance to theology
  • atheoretical — having no connection with and not founded on theory
  • atheromatous — a sebaceous cyst.

13 letter words starting with at

  • atavistically — In an atavistic manner.
  • atheistically — pertaining to or characteristic of atheists or atheism; containing, suggesting, or disseminating atheism: atheistic literature; atheistic people.
  • athematically — in an athematic manner
  • atherogenesis — (medicine) The formation of atheromas, especially on the walls of the arteries.
  • atmospherical — pertaining to, existing in, or consisting of the atmosphere: atmospheric vapors.

14 letter words starting with at

15 letter words starting with at

  • atherosclerosis — a degenerative disease of the arteries characterized by patchy thickening of the inner lining of the arterial walls, caused by deposits of fatty material; a form of arteriosclerosis
  • atherosclerotic — Of, pertaining to, or afflicted with atherosclerosis.
  • atlantic-ridley — ridley (def 1).
  • atmospherically — pertaining to, existing in, or consisting of the atmosphere: atmospheric vapors.
  • atrabiliousness — The state or quality of being characterized by melancholy or glumness.

16 letter words starting with at

  • atherothrombotic — (medicine) Pertaining to or caused by atherothrombosis, the sudden disruption of an atherosclerotic plaque.
  • atrioventricular — of, relating to, or affecting both the atria and the ventricles of the heart
  • attorney-in-fact — a person authorized by power of attorney to act on the authorizer's behalf outside a court of law.
  • atrioventricular bundle — a bundle of specialized muscle fibers regulating the heartbeat by conducting impulses from the right atrium to the ventricles.
  • atrioventricular node — a small mass of muscular fibers at the base of the wall between the atria, conducting impulses received from the sinoatrial node by way of the atrioventricular bundles and, under certain conditions, functioning for the sinoatrial node as pacemaker of the heart. Abbreviation: A-V node.

17 letter words starting with at

  • attention-getting — conspicuously drawing attention to something or someone: an attention-getting device; attention-getting behavior.
  • attention-seeking — intended to make people take notice
  • attorneys-in-fact — a person authorized by power of attorney to act on the authorizer's behalf outside a court of law.

18 letter words starting with at

  • attention-grabbing — An attention-grabbing remark or activity is one that is intended to make people notice it.

21 letter words starting with at

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