Words starting with asym

9 letter words starting with asym

  • asymmetry — Asymmetry is the appearance that something has when its two sides or halves are different in shape, size, or style.
  • asymptote — a straight line that is closely approached by a plane curve so that the perpendicular distance between them decreases to zero as the distance from the origin increases to infinity

10 letter words starting with asym

  • asymmetric — Asymmetric means the same as asymmetrical.
  • asymptotes — Plural form of asymptote.
  • asymptotic — of or referring to an asymptote
  • asymmetric bars — a pair of wooden or fibreglass bars placed parallel to each other but set at different heights, for various exercises
  • asymmetric digital subscriber line — An asymmetric digital subscriber line is a method for moving data over phone lines, carrying much more data than a modem can encode on a normal phone connection.

11 letter words starting with asym

12 letter words starting with asym

  • asymmetrical — Something that is asymmetrical has two sides or halves that are different in shape, size, or style.
  • asymptomatic — If someone with a disease is asymptomatic, it means that they do not show any symptoms of the disease.
  • asymptotical — of or relating to an asymptote.
  • asymmetrical bars — a set of parallel bars, having one bar fixed at 230 cm (7 ft, 6 in) and the other at 150 cm (4 ft, 11 in), used by women gymnasts
  • asymmetrical modulation — (communications)   A scheme to maximise use of a communications line by giving a larger share of the bandwidth to the modem at the end which is transmitting the most information. Only one end of the connection has full bandwidth, the other has only a fraction of the bandwidth. Normally, which end gets the full bandwidth is chosen dynamically. Asymmetrical modulation was made famous by the HST mode of the early high-speed modems from US Robotics.

14 letter words starting with asym

  • asymmetrically — not identical on both sides of a central line; unsymmetrical; lacking symmetry: Most faces are asymmetric.
  • asymptotically — of or relating to an asymptote.

16 letter words starting with asym

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