Words starting with ast

3 letter words starting with ast

  • ast — Atlantic Standard Time
  • ast computers, llc — (company)   The private company formed in January 1999 when Mr. Beny Alagem, the former chairman of Packard Bell NEC, Inc., bought the name and intellectual property of AST Research, Inc.. AST Computers, LLC provide hardware, software, and services for small US businesses. Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • ast research, inc. — (company)   A company, formed some time before 1980, that was a leading personal computer manufacturer. AST developed desktop computers, mobile computers, and servers that were sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. In January 1999 the name and intellectual property were acquired by a new company named AST Computers, LLC. As of 2000-03-02 it was trading as ARI Service.

4 letter words starting with ast

  • asti — a town in NW Italy: famous for its sparkling wine (Asti spumante (spuːˈmæntɪ )). Pop: 71 276 (2001)
  • astm — American Society for Testing and Materials
  • asti spumante — a sweet, sparkling Italian white wine with a muscat flavor.

5 letter words starting with ast

  • astap — Advanced STatistical Analysis Program
  • aster — any plant of the genus Aster, having white, blue, purple, or pink daisy-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • astir — awake and out of bed
  • astms — Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs
  • aston — Francis William. 1877–1945, English physicist and chemist, who developed the first mass spectrograph, using it to investigate the isotopic structures of elements: Nobel prize for chemistry 1922

6 letter words starting with ast

  • astana — the capital of Kazakhstan, in the N of the country; replaced Almaty as capital in 1997; an important railway junction. Pop: 335 000 (2005 est)
  • astare — in an obvious or pronounced manner
  • asteer — (Scotland) Alternative form of astir.
  • astely — the lack of a central cylinder or stele
  • astern — Something that is astern is at the back of a ship or behind the back part.

7 letter words starting with ast

  • astable — not stable
  • astaire — Fred, real name Frederick Austerlitz. 1899–1987, US dancer, singer, and actor, whose films include Top Hat (1935), Swing Time (1936), and The Band Wagon (1953)
  • astarte — a fertility goddess worshipped by the Phoenicians: identified with Ashtoreth of the Hebrews and Ishtar of the Babylonians and Assyrians
  • astasia — the incapability of being able to stand which is caused by impairment of the coordination of muscles
  • astatic — not static; unstable

8 letter words starting with ast

  • astatide — a binary compound of astatine with a more electropositive element
  • astatine — a radioactive element of the halogen series: a decay product of uranium and thorium that occurs naturally in minute amounts and is artificially produced by bombarding bismuth with alpha particles. Symbol: At; atomic no: 85; half-life of most stable isotope, 210At: 8.1 hours; probable valency: 1,3,5, or 7; melting pt: 302°C; boiling pt: 337°C (est)
  • asterion — (anatomy) The point on the side of the skull corresponding to the posterior end of the parietomastoid suture.
  • asterisk — An asterisk is the sign *. It is used especially to indicate that there is further information about something in another part of the text.
  • asterism — three asterisks arranged in a triangle (⁂ or ), to draw attention to the text that follows

9 letter words starting with ast

  • asterisks — Plural form of asterisk.
  • asterisms — Plural form of asterism.
  • asterixis — (pathology) An abnormal muscular tremor characterized by involuntary jerking of the hands.
  • asteroids — Plural form of asteroid.
  • asthmatic — People who suffer from asthma are sometimes referred to as asthmatics.

10 letter words starting with ast

  • astacology — the investigation and analysis of crayfish
  • astarboard — to or from the starboard side
  • astaticism — The state of being astatic.
  • asteatosis — (pathology) Persistent dry scaling of the skin due to an absence or shortage of sebum.
  • asteriated — having a structure that produces an asterism

11 letter words starting with ast

  • astatically — unstable; unsteady.
  • astaxanthin — (organic compound) A xanthophyll pigment that occurs widely in plants and animals, especially crustaceans.
  • asteraceous — belonging to the Asterasceae, an alternative name for the plant family Compositae.
  • asterisking — Present participle of asterisk.
  • asteroidean — an echinoderm of the class Asteroidea, comprising the starfishes.

12 letter words starting with ast

  • astacologist — a person who investigates and analyses crayfish
  • asteriskless — having no asterisk
  • astigmatizer — a cylindrical lens used in a rangefinder to draw out the point image of a point source into a line.
  • astigmometer — an apparatus for measuring the degree of astigmatism.
  • astigmoscope — astigmatoscope.

13 letter words starting with ast

  • astacological — relating to astacology
  • astereognosis — inability to recognize objects by touch
  • asthenosphere — a thin semifluid layer of the earth (100–200 km thick), below the outer rigid lithosphere, forming part of the mantle and thought to be able to flow vertically and horizontally, enabling sections of lithosphere to subside, rise, and undergo lateral movement
  • asthmatically — In an asthmatic manner.
  • astonishingly — causing astonishment or surprise; amazing: an astonishing victory; an astonishing remark.

14 letter words starting with ast

  • asthenospermia — (medicine) Loss or reduction in the strength or energy of sperm cells, hence infertility. Not always infertile many are subfertile.
  • asthenospermic — (medicine) Characterised by or pertaining to asthenospermia, hence infertile.
  • asthenospheric — relating to the asthenosphere
  • astigmatometer — an apparatus for measuring the degree of astigmatism.
  • astigmatoscope — an instrument for determining the presence and severity of astigmatism.

15 letter words starting with ast

16 letter words starting with ast

  • astroarchaeology — archaeoastronomy.
  • astroengineering — (scifi) The construction of megastructures in space by technologically advanced beings.
  • astrometeorology — the study of the theoretical effects of astronomical bodies and forces on the earth's atmosphere.
  • astrophotography — the photography of celestial bodies used in astronomy

17 letter words starting with ast

  • astrophotographer — A person, especially an astronomer, who takes photographs of the stars.

23 letter words starting with ast

  • astronomical-refraction — Physics. the change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different.

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