Words starting with apop

7 letter words starting with apop

  • apophis — a demon serpent of darkness whom Ra, as sun god, destroys every morning at dawn.
  • apoplex — to afflict with apoplexy
  • apopyle — (in sponges) a pore in each of the saclike chambers formed by the evagination of the body wall, through which water passes into the excurrent canals.

8 letter words starting with apop

  • apophony — a change in the quality of a vowel sound to indicate grammatical change
  • apophyge — the outward curve at each end of the shaft of a column, adjoining the base or capital
  • apophyse — Apophysis.
  • apoplast — the nonprotoplasmic component of a plant, including the cell walls and intercellular material
  • apoplexy — Apoplexy is a stroke.

9 letter words starting with apop

  • apophasis — the device of mentioning a subject by stating that it will not be mentioned
  • apophatic — of or relating to the belief that God can only be described by a process of negation
  • apophenia — (psychology) The perception of or belief in connectedness among unrelated phenomena.
  • apophenic — Of or relating to apophenia.
  • apophyges — Plural form of apophyge.

10 letter words starting with apop

  • apopemptic — relating to departure, valedictory
  • apophthegm — a short cryptic remark containing some general or generally accepted truth; maxim
  • apophyseal — Anatomy, Botany. an outgrowth; process; projection or protuberance.
  • apoplectic — If someone is apoplectic, they are extremely angry about something.
  • apoprotein — any conjugated protein from which the prosthetic group has been removed, such as apohaemoglobin (the protein of haemoglobin without its haem group)

11 letter words starting with apop

  • apophthegms — Plural form of apophthegm.
  • apophyllite — a white, colourless, pink, or green mineral consisting of a hydrated silicate of calcium, potassium, and fluorine in tetragonal crystalline form. It occurs in cracks in volcanic rocks. Formula: KCa4(Si4O10)2(OH1F).8H2O
  • apophysitis — (pathology) Inflammation of an apophysis, a bony tubercle.
  • apoproteins — Plural form of apoprotein.

13 letter words starting with apop

14 letter words starting with apop

15 letter words starting with apop

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