Words starting with apl

3 letter words starting with apl

  • apl — a high-level computer language employing a large number of special symbols, used esp. in mathematical applications

4 letter words starting with apl

  • apl2 — (language)   An APL extension from IBM with nested arrays.

6 letter words starting with apl

  • aplgol — (language)   An APL variant with ALGOL-like control structure, from Hewlett-Packard(?).
  • aplite — a light-coloured fine-grained acid igneous rock with a sugary texture, consisting of quartz and feldspars
  • aplomb — If you do something with aplomb, you do it with confidence in a relaxed way.
  • aplweb — (text, tool)   A Web to APL and Web to TeX translator by Dr. Christoph von Basum of The University of Bielefeld, Germany.

7 letter words starting with apl

  • aplanat — an aplanatic lens
  • aplasia — congenital absence or abnormal development of an organ or part
  • aplenty — If you have something aplenty, you have a lot of it.
  • aplysia — Any sea slug of the genus Aplysia.

8 letter words starting with apl

  • aplastic — relating to or characterized by aplasia
  • aplustre — the ornamental stern on an ancient Greek or Roman ship
  • aplastic anaemia — anaemia caused by a defect in the body's ability to regenerate blood cells
  • aplastic anemia — a form of anemia resulting from a failure of the bone marrow to produce adequate quantities of the essential blood components, including leukocytes and platelets

9 letter words starting with apl

  • aplanatic — (of a lens or mirror) free from spherical aberration
  • aplanetic — (esp of some algal and fungal spores) nonmotile or lacking a motile stage

10 letter words starting with apl

  • aplacental — (of monotremes and marsupials) having no placenta
  • aplanatism — the state of being free from spherical aberration

11 letter words starting with apl

  • aplanospore — a nonmotile asexual spore produced by certain algae and fungi

12 letter words starting with apl

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