Words starting with am

2 letter words starting with am

  • am — AM is a method of transmitting radio waves that can be used to broadcast sound. AM is an abbreviation for 'amplitude modulation'.

3 letter words starting with am

  • ama — American Medical Association
  • amb — Ambassador
  • amd — age-related macular degeneration
  • ame — a soul
  • amf — Australian Military Forces

4 letter words starting with am

  • amah — (in the East, esp formerly) a nurse or maidservant, esp one of Chinese origin
  • aman — Haman.
  • amas — a Japanese diver, usually a woman, who tends underwater oyster beds used in the cultivation of pearls.
  • amay — (transitive, and, intransitive, obsolete) To dismay; confound; be dismayed.
  • amba — anba.

5 letter words starting with am

  • am/fm — (of a radio) able to receive both AM and FM stations.
  • amado — Jorge (ˈʒɔrʒə ) ; zhôrˈzhə) 1912-2001; Brazilian writer
  • amahs — Plural form of amah.
  • amain — with great strength, speed, or haste
  • amapa — a state of N Brazil, on the Amazon delta. Capital: Macapá. Pop: 516 511 (2002). Area: 143 716 sq km (55 489 sq miles)

6 letter words starting with am

  • amadan — fool1 .
  • amadis — a knight-errant, model of the chivalric hero.
  • amadou — a spongy substance made from certain fungi, such as Polyporus (or Fomes) fomentarius and related species, used as tinder to light fires, in medicine to stop bleeding, and, esp formerly, by anglers to dry off dry flies between casts
  • amalek — a grandson of Esau: Gen. 36:9-12
  • amalfi — a town in Italy: a major Mediterranean port from the 10th to the 18th century, now a resort

7 letter words starting with am

  • am-dram — amateur dramatics
  • amadans — fool1 .
  • amadoda — grown men
  • amadous — a spongy substance prepared from fungi, Polyporus (Fomes) fomentarius and allied species, growing on trees, used as tinder and in surgery.
  • amakihi — a small Hawaiian honeycreeper, Hemignathus virens, having mainly olive-green plumage above with a dark mark extending from the eye to the beak.

8 letter words starting with am

9 letter words starting with am

  • amagasaki — an industrial city in Japan, in W Honshu, on Osaka Bay. Pop: 463 256 (2002 est)
  • amalekite — a member of a nomadic tribe descended from Esau (Genesis 36:12), dwelling in the desert between Sinai and Canaan and hostile to the Israelites: they were defeated by Saul and destroyed by David (I Samuel 15–30)
  • amalthaea — the goat that nurses Zeus (Jupiter): one of its horns is called the cornucopia
  • amaranths — Plural form of amaranth.
  • amaritude — Bitterness.

10 letter words starting with am

  • amalgamate — When two or more things, especially organizations, amalgamate or are amalgamated, they become one large thing.
  • amantadine — an antiviral drug used in the treatment of some types of influenza and to reduce some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
  • amanuenses — a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another; secretary.
  • amanuensis — a person employed to take dictation or to copy manuscripts
  • amaranthus — Any of the genus Amaranthus; an amaranth.

11 letter words starting with am

  • amabokoboko — the official name for the Springbok rugby team
  • amalgamated — Combined from two or more entities into one specific entity whilst retaining the defining characteristics of the original source entities.
  • amalgamates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of amalgamate.
  • amalgamator — a person or object that carries out amalgamation
  • amaranthine — of a dark reddish-purple colour

12 letter words starting with am

  • amalgamating — Present participle of amalgamate.
  • amalgamation — the action or process of amalgamating
  • amalgamative — of or relating to amalgamation
  • amateurishly — In an amateurish or nonprofessional manner.
  • ambartsumian — Viktor A(mazaspovich). 1908–96, Armenian astrophysicist, renowned for his description of radio sources as explosions in the core of galaxies

13 letter words starting with am

  • amakrokokroko — a nickname for the South African Paralympic team
  • amakwerekwere — a term used by Black people to refer to foreign Africans
  • amalgamations — Plural form of amalgamation.
  • ambassadorial — Ambassadorial means belonging or relating to an ambassador.
  • ambidexterity — ambidextrous ease, skill, or facility.

14 letter words starting with am

  • amaranthaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Amaranthaceae (or Amarantaceae), a family of tropical and temperate herbaceous or shrubby flowering plants that includes the amaranths and cockscomb
  • amateurishness — The quality of being amateurish.
  • ambassadorship — a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary)
  • ambidextrously — In an ambidextrous manner.
  • ambisinistrous — clumsy or unskillful with both hands.

15 letter words starting with am

  • amaryllidaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Amaryllidaceae, a family of widely cultivated flowering plants having bulbs and including the amaryllis, snowdrop, narcissus, and daffodil
  • ambassadorships — Plural form of ambassadorship.
  • ambisyllabicity — (poetry) The property of a consonant being analysed as acting simultaneously as the coda of one syllable and the onset of the following syllable.
  • amegakaryocytic — Characterized by a lack of megakaryocytes.
  • americanization — Americanization is the process by which people or countries become more and more similar to Americans and the United States.

16 letter words starting with am

  • ambidextrousness — The state or quality of being ambidextrous.
  • amidinohydrazone — any of a group of pesticides, originally developed as antimalarial and antitubercular drugs, that impair cell respiration in cockroaches, red ants, and other insects.
  • aminocyclohexane — cyclohexylamine.
  • aminotransferase — transaminase.
  • ammonia-solution — a colorless, pungent, suffocating, highly water-soluble, gaseous compound, NH 3 , usually produced by the direct combination of nitrogen and hydrogen gases: used chiefly for refrigeration and in the manufacture of commercial chemicals and laboratory reagents.

17 letter words starting with am

19 letter words starting with am

  • ambassador-at-large — an ambassador with special duties who may be sent to more than one government

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