Words starting with al

2 letter words starting with al

  • al — Albania
  • al capone — Al(phonse) ("Scarface") 1899–1947, U.S. gangster and Prohibition-era bootlegger, probably born in Italy.
  • al dente — If you cook pasta or a vegetable until it is al dente, you cook it just long enough so that it is neither hard nor soft but is firm and slightly chewy.
  • al desko — (of a meal, esp lunch) at one's desk at one's place of work
  • al farabi — died a.d. 950, Arab philosopher.

3 letter words starting with al

  • al- — the
  • ala — a wing or flat winglike process or structure, such as a part of some bones and cartilages
  • alb — a long white linen vestment with sleeves worn by priests and others
  • ale — Ale is a kind of strong beer.
  • alf — an uncultivated Australian

4 letter words starting with al

  • alae — plural of ala.
  • alai — a mountain range in central Asia, in SW Kyrgyzstan, running from the Tian Shan range in China into Tajikistan. Average height: 4800 m (16 000 ft), rising over 5850 m (19 500 ft)
  • alan — a common male first name
  • alap — a style of Indian vocal music without words
  • alar — relating to, resembling, or having wings or alae

5 letter words starting with al

  • alack — used to express regret, surprise, dismay, etc.
  • alala — a dull, brownish-tinged crow that occurs only in Hawaii.
  • alamo — Franciscan mission at San Antonio, Tex.: scene of a siege and massacre of Texans by Mexican troops (1836)
  • alapa — the light blow on the cheek delivered by the bishop in a confirmation service.
  • alarm — Alarm is a feeling of fear or anxiety that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen.

6 letter words starting with al

  • al-lat — a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess personifying the sun and considered to be a daughter of Allah.
  • alagez — Aragats
  • alagna — Roberto. born 1963, Italian opera singer, born in France; a lyric tenor
  • alagoz — Turkish name of Mount Aragats.
  • alalia — a complete inability to speak; mutism

7 letter words starting with al

  • al-anon — an association for the families and friends of alcoholics to give mutual support
  • al-oued — El Oued.
  • al-uzza — a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess personifying the planet Venus and considered to be a daughter of Allah.
  • ala-tau — several mountain ranges of the Tien Shan system in E Kyrgyzstan and SE Kazakhstan. Highest peak, 18,000 feet (5490 meters).
  • alabama — a state of the southeastern US, on the Gulf of Mexico: consists of coastal and W lowlands crossed by the Tombigbee, Black Warrior, and Alabama Rivers, with parts of the Tennessee Valley and Cumberland Plateau in the north; noted for producing cotton and white marble. Capital: Montgomery. Pop: 4 500 752 (2003 est). Area: 131 333 sq km (50 708 sq miles)

8 letter words starting with al

  • al-gazel — Ghazzali.
  • al-obeid — El Obeid
  • al-qaeda — a loosely-knit militant Islamic organization led and funded by Osama bin Laden, by whom it was established in the late 1980s from Arab volunteers who had fought the Soviet troops previously based in Afghanistan; known or believed to be behind a number of operations against Western, esp US, interests, including bomb attacks on two US embassies in Africa in 1998 and the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York in 2001
  • al-qaida — a radical Sunni Muslim organization dedicated to the elimination of a Western presence in Arab countries and militantly opposed to Western foreign policy: founded by Osama bin Laden in 1988.
  • alacrity — If you do something with alacrity, you do it quickly and eagerly.

9 letter words starting with al

  • al-ashari — Abu ʾl-Hasan [ah-boo al-ha-san] /ˈɑ bu æl hæˈsæn/ (Show IPA), a.d. c873–936, the formulator of the classical synthesis in Islamic philosophical theology known as Ashʿarism.
  • al-farabi — Mohammed ibn Tarkhan. died 950, Muslim philosopher, physician, and mathematician, of central Asian origin
  • al-fustat — a city in N Egypt, near the modern city of Cairo, founded in the 7th century a.d.
  • al-hillah — Hilla.
  • al-maliki — Nouri. born 1950, Iraqi politician, prime minister of Iraq (2006–14)

10 letter words starting with al

  • al-battani — Battani.
  • al-bukhari — Muhammad ibn Ismaʿil [ib-uh n is-mah-eel] /ˈɪb ən ɪsˈmɑ il/ (Show IPA), a.d. 810–870, a collector of the Hadith.
  • al-ubayyid — El Obeid
  • alabandite — a mineral form of manganese sulphide (MnS) with cubic crystals
  • alabastron — a jar characteristically having an elongated shape, narrow neck, flat-rimmed mouth, and rounded base requiring a stand or support, chiefly used for fragrant ointments.

11 letter words starting with al

  • al-ghazzali — Ghazzali.
  • alabastrine — a finely granular variety of gypsum, often white and translucent, used for ornamental objects or work, such as lamp bases, figurines, etc.
  • alaska-crab — horseshoe crab.
  • albategnius — Latin name of Battani.
  • albedometer — an instrument that measures the albedo of a surface.

12 letter words starting with al

13 letter words starting with al

  • alcoholometer — an instrument, such as a specially calibrated hydrometer, for determining the percentage of alcohol in a liquid
  • aldosteronism — high blood pressure caused by excess aldosterone in the blood and urine
  • alectryomancy — an ancient form of divination, using a rooster to select grains of food placed on letters of the alphabet.
  • aleksandropol — a former name of Gumri.
  • aleksandrovsk — a city in SE Ukraine, on the Dnieper River.

14 letter words starting with al

  • alain-fournier — real name Henri-Alban Fournier. 1886–1914, French novelist; author of Le Grand Meaulnes (1913; translated as The Lost Domain, 1959)
  • album-oriented — of or designating a format featuring rock songs from LPs and CDs rather than singles, especially mainstream rock music.
  • albury-wodonga — a town in SE Australia, in S central New South Wales, on the Murray River: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 69 880 (2001)
  • alektorophobia — The fear of chickens.
  • all-or-nothing — not allowing for qualification or compromise; either fully or not at all operative: an all-or-nothing approach.

15 letter words starting with al

16 letter words starting with al

19 letter words starting with al

  • aldridge-brownhills — a town in central England, in Walsall unitary authority, West Midlands: formed by the amalgamation of neighbouring towns in 1966. Pop: 35 525 (2001)
  • alice-in-wonderland — fantastic; irrational

21 letter words starting with al

  • aleksandr-nikolaevichAlexander (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) 1899–1977, Russian pianist and composer, in the U.S.

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