Words starting with ah

2 letter words starting with ah

  • ah — Ah is used in writing to represent a noise that people make in conversation, for example to acknowledge or draw attention to something, or to express surprise or disappointment.

3 letter words starting with ah

  • aha — Aha is used in writing to represent a noise that people make in conversation, for example to express satisfaction or surprise.
  • ahh — Alternative spelling of aah.
  • ahi — yellowfin tuna, widely used in sashimi.
  • ahn — Eye dialect of on.
  • ahp — allied health professional: someone who works in any of a wide range of professions related to healthcare other than nursing and medicine, for example a physiotherapist, dietician or radiographer

4 letter words starting with ah

  • ahab — the king of Israel from approximately 869 to 850 bc and husband of Jezebel: rebuked by Elijah (I Kings 16:29–22:40)
  • ahaz — a king of Judah, 735?–715? b.c. II Kings 16; II Chron. 28:9.
  • ahdl — Analog Hardware Design Language
  • ahem — In writing, ahem is used to show that someone is being ironic. Ahem is also used to show that someone wants to get another person's attention.
  • ahha — after hours home avoider: a young person who prefers to spend the time after work socializing, rather than return to an empty home

5 letter words starting with ah

  • ahead — Something that is ahead is in front of you. If you look ahead, you look directly in front of you.
  • aheap — in a heap
  • ahent — behind
  • ahern — Bertie. born 1951, Irish politician; leader of the Fianna Fáil party (1994–2008); prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1997–2008)
  • ahigh — at a significant height

6 letter words starting with ah

  • ahidjo — Ahmadou [ah-mah-doo] /ɑ mɑˈdu/ (Show IPA), 1924–1989, statesman: president of Cameroon 1960–82.
  • ahimsa — (in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist philosophy) the law of reverence for, and nonviolence to, every form of life
  • ahmadi — a member of the Ahmadiya.
  • ahmose — 1580–1557 b.c, founder of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.
  • ahorse — on horseback

7 letter words starting with ah

  • ahaziah — a son of Ahab and his successor as king of Israel, reigned 853?–852? b.c. I Kings 22:40.
  • aheight — at a significant height
  • ahiezer — a Danite who assisted Moses with the census and was head of the tribe of Dan in the wilderness. Num. 1:12; 2:35; 10:25.
  • ahimaaz — a priest who supported David during the revolt of Absalom. II Sam. 18:19–32.
  • ahishar — a chamberlain in Solomon's household. I Kings 4:6.

8 letter words starting with ah

  • ahankara — the false identification of the purusha, or true inner self, with the body, the mind, or the outside world.
  • ahemeral — not constituting a full 24-hour day
  • ahmadiya — a modern sect, divided into an older group (Qadianis) and a newer group (Lahore party)
  • ahuzzath — a friend of Abimelech with whom he journeyed from Gerar to make a covenant with Isaac in Beersheba. Gen. 26:26–31.

9 letter words starting with ah

  • ahasuerus — a king of ancient Persia and husband of Esther, generally identified with Xerxes
  • ahimelech — a priest who was killed by Saul for helping David. I Sam. 21:1–9; 22:9–23.
  • ahistoric — not related to or concerned with documented history
  • ahmedabad — a city in W India, in Gujarat: famous for its mosque. Pop: 3 515 361 (2001)
  • aholehole — A small silvery fish occurring only in the shallow waters around the Hawaiian islands, where it is a food fish.

10 letter words starting with ah

  • ahithophel — a member of David's council, who became one of Absalom's advisers in his rebellion and hanged himself when his advice was overruled (II Samuel 15:12–17:23)
  • ahmadiyyah — a messianic Islamic sect founded in Qadian, India, in 1889 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; it split into two branches in 1914
  • ahmednagar — a city in W India, in Maharashtra: formerly one of the kingdoms of Deccan. Pop: 307 455 (2001)
  • ahorseback — on horseback
  • ahvenanmaa — group of Finn. islands at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia: 590 sq mi (1,528 sq km); pop. 25,000

11 letter words starting with ah

  • ahistorical — not related to history; not historical
  • ahmadinejad — Mahmoud (mæhˈmuːd). born 1956, Iranian politician; president of Iran (2005–13)

13 letter words starting with ah

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