Words starting with agri

5 letter words starting with agri

  • agri- — agriculture, esp. in relation to technology or business
  • agria — a significant eruption of pustules
  • agric — agricultural
  • agrin — in a grinning manner

6 letter words starting with agri

  • agrise — to fear or shudder at (something frightful)
  • agrius — one of the Gigantes.
  • agrize — to fear or shudder at (something frightful)

7 letter words starting with agri

  • agribiz — agribusiness.
  • agriope — Eurydice.
  • agrippa — Marcus Vipsanius (ˈmɑːkəs vɪpˈseɪnɪəs). 63–12 bc, Roman general: chief adviser and later son-in-law of Augustus

8 letter words starting with agri

  • agricola — Gnaeus Julius (ˈniːəs ˈdʒuːlɪəs) 40–93 ad, Roman general; governor of Britain who advanced Roman rule north to the Firth of Forth
  • agrimony — any of various N temperate rosaceous plants of the genus Agrimonia, which have compound leaves, long spikes of small yellow flowers, and bristly burlike fruits
  • agrinion — a city in W Greece.

9 letter words starting with agri

  • agrigento — a town in Italy, in SW Sicily: site of six Greek temples. Pop: 54 619 (2001)
  • agriology — the study of primitive peoples
  • agrippina — called the Elder. c. 14 bc–33 ad, Roman matron: granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus, mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger
  • agrippina (ii) — (Julia) a.d. 15?-59; mother of Nero
  • agrippina ii — a.d. 16?–59? mother of the Roman emperor Nero and sister of Caligula.

10 letter words starting with agri

  • agricultor — (archaic) An agriculturist; a farmer.

11 letter words starting with agri

  • agriculture — Agriculture is farming and the methods that are used to raise and look after crops and animals.
  • agriproduct — a product that is a result of agribusiness
  • agritourism — tourism in which customers stay in accommodation on working farms and may have the opportunity to help with farm work

12 letter words starting with agri

  • agribusiness — Agribusiness is the various businesses that produce, sell, and distribute farm products, especially on a large scale.
  • agrichemical — a chemical used in agriculture
  • agricultural — Agricultural means involving or relating to agriculture.
  • agriproducts — Plural form of agriproduct.
  • agricultural agent — county agent.

13 letter words starting with agri

14 letter words starting with agri

  • agribusinesses — Plural form of agribusiness.
  • agriculturally — the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming.
  • agriculturists — Plural form of agriculturist.
  • agrifoodstuffs — the foods produced by agriculture

15 letter words starting with agri

  • agribusinessman — a person who engages in agribusiness
  • agriculturalist — An agriculturalist is someone who is an expert on agriculture and who advises farmers.

18 letter words starting with agri

  • agri-environmental — of or relating to the impact of agricultural practices on the environment

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