Words starting with age

3 letter words starting with age

  • age — Your age is the number of years that you have lived.
  • age allowance — an income tax allowance given to taxpayers aged 65 or over
  • age before beauty — (often said humorously when yielding precedence) older people take precedence over younger people
  • age difference — a disparity in ages between two people
  • age discrimination — discrimination against older people, especially by employers

4 letter words starting with age

  • aged — You use aged followed by a number to say how old someone is.
  • agee — awry, crooked, or ajar
  • agen — a market town in SW France, on the Garonne river. Pop: 30 170 (1999)
  • ager — anything that produces the effects of age on another thing
  • ages — the length of time during which a being or thing has existed; length of life or existence to the time spoken of or referred to: trees of unknown age; His age is 20 years.

5 letter words starting with age

  • agena — a U.S. upper stage, with a restartable liquid-propellant engine, used with various booster stages to launch satellites into orbit around the earth and send probes to the moon and planets: also used as a docking target in the Gemini program.
  • agend — Obsolete form of agendum.
  • agene — a chemical (nitrogen trichloride) formerly used to bleach flour
  • agent — An agent is a person who looks after someone else's business affairs or does business on their behalf.
  • agers — Plural form of ager.

6 letter words starting with age

  • agedly — in a manner resembling that of an aged person
  • ageing — Someone or something that is ageing is becoming older and less healthy or efficient.
  • ageism — Ageism is unacceptable behaviour that occurs as a result of the belief that older people are of less value than younger people.
  • ageist — Ageist behaviour is unacceptable behaviour based on the belief that older people are of less value than younger people.
  • agency — An agency is a business which provides a service on behalf of other businesses.

7 letter words starting with age

  • age-old — An age-old story, tradition, or problem has existed for many generations or centuries.
  • ageable — Capable of being aged; suitable for ageing.
  • agelast — a person who never laughs
  • agelaus — the herdsman of Priam who raised Paris.
  • ageless — If you describe someone as ageless, you mean that they never seem to look any older.

8 letter words starting with age

  • age-mate — a person or animal of the same age, or nearly the same age, as another
  • agedness — the property of being aged
  • agemates — Plural form of agemate.
  • agencies — Plural form of agency.
  • agendums — matters to be attended to, as at a meeting of a committee

9 letter words starting with age

  • age-group — persons of approximately the same age and often of the same sex, nationality, educational or social background, etc.
  • age-proof — not adversely affected by a person's age
  • agelastic — never laughing; mirthless
  • agelessly — in an ageless manner
  • agentival — of the performer of an action

10 letter words starting with age

  • agendaless — without an agenda; unplanned; purposeless

11 letter words starting with age

  • agelasimine — (organic compound) Any of various adenine-related bicyclic diterpenoids isolated from the orange sponge Agelas mauritania, structurally related to the agelasines.
  • agelessness — The state or quality of being ageless.

13 letter words starting with age

  • agent-general — a representative in London of a Canadian province or an Australian state

15 letter words starting with age

  • age-appropriate — Something that is age-appropriate is suitable for the age that a person is.

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