Words starting with add

3 letter words starting with add

  • add — ADD is an abbreviation for attention deficit disorder.
  • add 1 to cobol giving cobol — (humour, language)   (From COBOL's equivalent syntax to C's C++) A tongue-in-cheek suggestion by Bruce Clement for an object-oriented COBOL.
  • add fuel to something — If something adds fuel to a conflict or debate, or adds fuel to the fire, it makes the conflict or debate more intense.
  • add in — If you add in something, you include it as a part of something else.
  • add insult to injury — to make an unfair or unacceptable situation even worse

4 letter words starting with add

  • addd — (tool)   A Depository of Development Documents. A public domain Software Engineering Environment from GMD developed as part of the STONE project.
  • adde — Obsolete spelling of add.
  • adds — Plural form of add.
  • addy — an e-mail address

5 letter words starting with add

  • addax — a large light-coloured antelope, Addax nasomaculatus, having ribbed loosely spiralled horns and inhabiting desert regions in N Africa: family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla
  • added — You use added to say that something has more of a particular thing or quality.
  • adder — In Europe and Asia, an adder is a small poisonous snake that has a black pattern on its back. In North America, a number of different poisonous and non-poisonous snakes are called adders.
  • addie — a female given name, form of Adeline.
  • addio — goodbye

6 letter words starting with add

  • add-in — Journalism. copy added to a completed story.
  • add-on — a device or unit added to equipment or a construction: an add-on to a computer; a nice add-on to an old house.
  • addams — Jane. 1860–1935, US social reformer, feminist, and pacifist, who founded Hull House, a social settlement in Chicago: Nobel peace prize 1931
  • addeem — to declare or determine, esp judicially
  • addend — any of a set of numbers that is to be added

7 letter words starting with add

  • addable — in a state where addition is possible
  • addaxes — Plural form of addax.
  • addedly — additionally
  • addenda — a plural of addendum.
  • addends — Plural form of addend.

8 letter words starting with add

  • addebted — indebted
  • addendas — a plural of addendum.
  • addendum — An addendum is an additional section at the end of a book or document.
  • adderleyJulian ("Cannonball") 1928–75, American jazz saxophonist.
  • addicted — Someone who is addicted to a harmful drug cannot stop taking it.

9 letter words starting with add

  • addendums — a thing to be added; an addition.
  • adderwort — the bistort, a herbaceous flowering plant, Polygonum bistorta, of the dock family
  • addicting — a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.
  • addiction — Addiction is the condition of taking harmful drugs and being unable to stop taking them.
  • addictive — If a drug is addictive, people who take it cannot stop taking it.

10 letter words starting with add

11 letter words starting with add

12 letter words starting with add

  • adder's-meat — the greater stitchwort
  • addictedness — the state of being addicted
  • additionally — You use additionally to introduce something extra such as an extra fact or reason.
  • addlebrained — having an addle brain; muddled; stupid

13 letter words starting with add

  • adder's-mouth — any of various orchids of the genus Malaxis that occur in all parts of the world except Australia and New Zealand and have small usually greenish flowers
  • addictiveness — producing or tending to cause addiction: an addictive drug.
  • additionality — (in Britain) the principle that money raised by the National Lottery should only be spent on projects that would not otherwise be funded by government spending
  • additive-free — (of food) not containing any chemical additives
  • addressograph — a machine for addressing envelopes, etc

14 letter words starting with add

  • adder's-tongue — any of several terrestrial ferns of the genus Ophioglossum, esp O. vulgatum, that grow in the N hemisphere and have a spore-bearing body that sticks out like a spike from the leaf: family Ophioglossaceae
  • addressability — (computing) The capability of a microprocessor etc. to deal with values of a certain size using a single instruction.

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