Words starting with actio

6 letter words starting with actio

  • action — Action is doing something for a particular purpose.
  • action at a distance — the supposed interaction of two separated bodies without any intervening medium. In modern theories all interactions are assumed to require a field of force
  • action committee — a group of people who come together to organize and supervise others who are fighting for a particular cause or carrying out a particular task
  • action figure — a small figure of a character from a film, television programme, comic book etc, designed as a toy and often collected by enthusiasts
  • action film — a film with a fast-moving plot, usually containing scenes of violence

7 letter words starting with actio

  • actions — an independent agency created in 1971 to administer domestic volunteer programs.
  • actions speak louder than words — If you say that actions speak louder than words, you mean that people's actions show their real attitudes, rather than what they say. This expression is sometimes used to advise a person to do something positive.

8 letter words starting with actio

  • actional — Of, pertaining to, or depicting action, especially physical action.
  • actioned — Simple past tense and past participle of action.
  • actioner — a film with a fast-moving plot, usually containing scenes of violence

9 letter words starting with actio

  • actionary — (business, obsolete) A shareholder in a joint-stock company.
  • actioners — Plural form of actioner.
  • actioning — Present participle of action.
  • actionist — a person who is bent on (spoken) action

10 letter words starting with actio

  • actionable — If something that you do or say to someone is actionable, it gives them a valid reason for bringing a legal case against you.
  • actionably — In an actionable manner.
  • actionless — inactive, without action
  • actionable intelligence — the necessary background information that will enable someone to deal quickly and efficiently with a particular situation

13 letter words starting with actio

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