Words starting with acor

5 letter words starting with acor

  • acorn — An acorn is a pale oval nut that is the fruit of an oak tree.
  • acorn archimedes — Archimedes
  • acorn barnacle — any of various barnacles, such as Balanus balanoides, that live attached to rocks and have a volcano-shaped shell from the top of which protrude feathery food-catching appendages (cirri)
  • acorn chair — a Jacobean chair having a crossrail with acorn-shaped pendants.
  • acorn clock — a mantel clock of the first half of the 19th century, having the upper part of the case shaped with a double ogee curve to resemble an acorn.

6 letter words starting with acor

  • acoria — (pathology) Excessive eating due to a lack of the sensation of satiety.
  • acorns — Plural form of acorn.

7 letter words starting with acor

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