Words starting with accret

7 letter words starting with accret

  • accrete — to grow or cause to grow together; be or become fused

8 letter words starting with accret

  • accreted — to grow together; adhere (usually followed by to).
  • accretes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accrete.

9 letter words starting with accret

  • accreting — Present participle of accrete.
  • accretion — An accretion is an addition to something, usually one that has been added over a period of time.
  • accretive — an increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; growth in size or extent.
  • accretion disc — the disc formed around a celestial body by the process of accretion
  • accretion disk — the rapidly spinning disk of gas that forms around the more compact component of a close binary star system as mass is transferred to the compact companion from the primary star.

10 letter words starting with accret

12 letter words starting with accret

  • accretionary — Of, pertaining to, or in the form of an accretion.
  • accretionary wedge — a body of deformed sediments, wedge-shaped in two dimensions or prism-shaped in three dimensions, that has been scraped off the surface of the oceanic lithosphere as it moves downwards beneath a continent or island arc. The sediments are added to the continental edge

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