Words starting with absc

6 letter words starting with absc

  • abscam — the code name for an FBI investigation (1978–80) of bribery, involving members of Congress.

7 letter words starting with absc

  • abscess — An abscess is a painful swelling containing pus.
  • abscind — to cut off
  • abscise — to separate or be separated by abscission
  • abscond — If someone absconds from somewhere such as a prison, they escape from it or leave it without permission.

8 letter words starting with absc

  • abscisic — Of or pertaining to abscisic acid or its derivatives. (First attested in the mid 20th century.).
  • abscisin — a plant hormone that plays a major role in adapting plants to suit different weather conditions
  • abscissa — the horizontal or x-coordinate of a point in a two-dimensional system of Cartesian coordinates. It is the distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis
  • absconds — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abscond.
  • abscisic acid — a type of acid that causes abscission

9 letter words starting with absc

  • abscessed — a localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body, often accompanied by swelling and inflammation and frequently caused by bacteria.
  • abscesses — Plural form of abscess.
  • abscising — Present participle of abscise.
  • abscissae — (in plane Cartesian coordinates) the x-coordinate of a point: its distance from the y-axis measured parallel to the x-axis.
  • abscissas — Plural form of abscissa.

10 letter words starting with absc

  • abscessing — Present participle of abscess.
  • abscession — A separating; removal.
  • abscission — the separation of leaves, branches, flowers, and bark from plants by the formation of an abscission layer
  • absconders — Plural form of absconder.
  • absconding — running away, esp from an open prison or to avoid prosecution or punishment

11 letter words starting with absc

  • abscessions — Plural form of abscession.
  • abscondence — secret concealment or seclusion, or the action of absconding
  • abscondment — An act of absconding or escaping.

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