Words ending with v

1 letter words ending with v

  • v — the 22nd letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
  • a bottomless pit: v-link phr, phr after v — If you describe something as a bottomless pit, you mean that it seems as if you can take things from it and it will never be empty or put things in it and it will never be full.
  • adrian v — died 1276, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1276.
  • alexander v — 1340?–1410, Cretan ecclesiastic: pope 1409–10.
  • alfonso v — 1432–81, king of Portugal 1438–81.

2 letter words ending with v

  • av — (in the Jewish calendar) the fifth month of the year according to biblical reckoning and the eleventh month in the civil year, usually falling within July and August
  • bv — Bouvet Island
  • cv — Your CV is a brief written account of your personal details, your education, and the jobs you have had. You can send a CV when you are applying for a job. CV is an abbreviation for 'curriculum vitae'.
  • dv — Deo volente
  • ev — electronvolt

3 letter words ending with v

  • \bv — (programming)   A small, domain-specific esoteric programming language for transforming 64-bit integers. A \BV program takes a 64-bit integer as its input and returns a 64-bit integer as the result. \BV has the usual bitwise operators and the fold function: (fold e1 e2 f) which applies function f to each of the eight bytes of e1 and the whole of e2. \BV was defined in the task of the 2013 ICFP programming contest, in which the objective was to guess a secret \BV program by giving it inputs and receiving its outputs.
  • a-v — audiovisual
  • abv — alcohol by volume: the number of ml of ethyl alcohol present in each 100 ml of an alcoholic beverage when measured at 20°C; displayed on the packaging of alcoholic drinks in EU countries and used to calculate the amount of tax payable
  • acv — actual cash value: the amount of money it would take to replace or repair damaged or lost property, with an amount deducted for depreciation
  • adv — Abbreviation of adverb.

4 letter words ending with v

  • arev — Advanced Revelation
  • aviv — the seventh month of the Jewish year, equivalent to Nisan of the modern Jewish calendar. Ex. 34:18.
  • azov — Sea ofnorthern arm of the Black Sea, in SE Europe: c. 14,000 sq mi (36,260 sq km)
  • catv — community antenna television
  • cctv — CCTV is an abbreviation for 'closed-circuit television'.

5 letter words ending with v

  • basov — Nikolai Gennediyevich (nikaˈlaj ɡjiˈnadjejivitʃ). 1922–2001, Russian physicist: shared the Nobel prize for physics (1964) for his pioneering work on the maser
  • deriv — derivation
  • dunav — the Danube
  • kirov — a city in the E Russian Federation in Europe, N of Kazan.
  • kiruv — Hebrew. the act or practice of bringing secularized Jews closer to Judaism, especially Orthodox Judaism, as through seminars, meetings, and religious rituals.

6 letter words ending with v

  • abbrev — (jargon)   /*-breev'/, /*-brev'/ Common abbreviation for "abbreviation".
  • adamov — Arthur. 1908–70, French dramatist, born in Russia: one of the foremost exponents of the Theatre of the Absurd. His plays include Le Professeur Taranne (1953), Le Ping-Pong (1955), and Le Printemps '71 (1960)
  • aircav — air cavalry.
  • aseyev — Nikolay Nikolaevich [nik-uh-lahy nik-uh-lahy-uh-vich;; Russian nyi-kuh-lahy nyi-kuh-lah-yi-vyich] /ˌnɪk əˈlaɪ ˌnɪk əˈlaɪ ə vɪtʃ;; Russian nyɪ kʌˈlaɪ nyɪ kʌˈlɑ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1889–1963, Russian poet.
  • asimov — Isaac. 1920–92, US writer and biochemist, born in Russia. His science-fiction works include Foundation Trilogy (1951–53; sequel 1982) and the collection of stories I, Robot (1950)

7 letter words ending with v

  • andreevLeonid Nikolaevich [lee-uh-nid nik-uh lah-yuh-vich;; Russian llyee-uh-nyeet nyik-uh-lah-yuh-vich] /ˈli ə nɪd ˌnɪkˈəlɑ yə vɪtʃ;; Russian ˌllyi əˈnyit ˌnyɪk əˈlɑ yə vɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1871–1919, Russian writer.
  • baranov — Aleksandr Andreyevich [uh-lyi-ksahn-dr uhn-drye-yi-vyich] /ʌ lyɪˈksɑn dr ʌnˈdryɛ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1747–1819, Russian fur trader in Alaska.
  • borisov — a city in N central Byelorussia, NE of Minsk.
  • bugayev — Boris Nikolayevich [bawr-is nik-uh-lahy-uh-vich,, bohr-,, bor-;; Russian buh-ryees nyi-kuh-lah-yi-vyich] /ˈbɔr ɪs ˌnɪk əˈlaɪ ə vɪtʃ,, ˈboʊr-,, ˌbɒr-;; Russian bʌˈryis nyɪ kʌˈlɑ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), Bely, Andrei.
  • chekhov — Anton Pavlovich (anˈtɔn ˈpavləvitʃ). 1860–1904, Russian dramatist and short-story writer. His plays include The Seagull (1896), Uncle Vanya (1900), The Three Sisters (1901), and The Cherry Orchard (1904)

8 letter words ending with v

  • andreyev — ˌLeonid Nikolaˈyevich (ˌlɛɔˈnidˌ nikɔlɑˈjeɪvɪtʃ ) ; leˌ^ōnēdˈ nēˌk^ōläyāˈvich) 1871-1919; Russ. playwright, novelist, & short-story writer
  • andropov — Yuri Vladimirovich. 1914–84, Soviet statesman; president of the Soviet Union (1983–84)
  • antigrav — (science fiction) antigravity, or a device that counters gravity.
  • berdyaev — Nikoˈlai (Aleksandrovich) (nikɔˈlaɪ ) ; nēk^ōlīˈ) 1874-1948; Russ. religious philosopher, in France after 1922
  • brezhnev — Leonid Ilyich (lɪaˈnit ˈilitʃ). 1906–82, Soviet statesman; president of the Soviet Union (1977–82); general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party (1964–82)

9 letter words ending with v

  • balakirev — Mily Alexeyevich (ˈmilij alɪkˈsjejɪvitʃ). 1837–1910, Russian composer, whose works include two symphonic poems, two symphonies, and many arrangements of Russian folk songs
  • berdichev — a city in W central Ukraine, SW of Kiev.
  • berdyayev — Nikolai Aleksandrovich (nikaˈlaj alɪkˈsandrəvitʃ). 1874–1948, Russian philosopher. Although he was a Marxist, his Christian views led him to criticize Soviet communism and he was forced into exile (1922)
  • cherenkov — Pavel Alekseyevich (ˈpavɪl alɪkˈsjejɪvitʃ). 1904–90, Soviet physicist: noted for work on the effects produced by high-energy particles: shared Nobel prize for physics 1958
  • chernigov — a city in N central Ukraine, on the River Desna: tyres, pianos, consumer goods. Pop: 308 000 (2005 est)

10 letter words ending with v

  • khrushchev — Nikita S(ergeyevich) [ni-kee-tuh sur-gey-uh-vich;; Russian nyi-kyee-tuh syir-gye-yuh-vyich] /nɪˈki tə sɜrˈgeɪ ə vɪtʃ;; Russian nyɪˈkyi tə syɪrˈgyɛ yə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1894–1971, Russian political leader: premier of the U.S.S.R. 1958–64.
  • kolmogorov — Andrei Nikolaevich (anˈdrjej nikaˈlajəvitʃ). (1903–87), Soviet mathematician, who made important contributions to the theoretical foundations of probability
  • lopatnikov — Nicolai Lvovich [nik-uh-lahy luh-voh-vich;; Russian nyi-kuh-lahy lvaw-vyich] /ˈnɪk əˌlaɪ ləˈvoʊ vɪtʃ;; Russian nyɪ kʌˈlaɪ ˈlvɔ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1903–76, U.S. composer, born in Russia.
  • mendeleyev — Dmitri Ivanovich [dmyee-tryee ee-vah-nuh-vyich] /ˈdmyi tryi iˈvɑ nə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1834–1907, Russian chemist: helped develop the periodic law.
  • plevneliev — Rosen. born 1964, Bulgarian politician: president of Bulgaria from 2012

11 letter words ending with v

  • artsybashev — Mikhail [Russian myi-khuh-yeel] /Russian myɪ xʌˈyil/ (Show IPA), Artzybashev, Mikhail.
  • artzybashev — Mikhail [myi-khuh-yeel] /myɪ xʌˈyil/ (Show IPA), 1878–1927, Russian writer.
  • baryshnikov — Mikhail. born 1948, Soviet-born ballet dancer, who defected (1974) to the West while on tour with the Kirov Ballet: director (1980–90) of the American Ballet Theatre
  • blagonravov — Anatoli Arkadyevich [an-uh-toh-lee;; Russian uh-nuh-taw-lyee uhr-kah-dyi-vyich] /ˈæn əˌtoʊ li;; Russian ʌ nʌˈtɔ lyi ʌrˈkɑ dyɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1894–1975, Russian scientist.
  • kalashnikov — A Kalashnikov is a type of rifle that is made in Russia.

13 letter words ending with v

  • baal-shem-tov — (Israel ben Eliezer"Besht") c1700–60, Ukrainian teacher and religious leader: founder of the Hasidic movement of Judaism.

14 letter words ending with v

15 letter words ending with v

  • rimsky-korsakov — Nicolai Andreevich [nyi-kuh-lahy uhn-drye-yi-vyich] /nyɪ kəˈlaɪ ʌnˈdryɛ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1844–1908, Russian composer.

16 letter words ending with v

  • ippolitov-ivanov — Mikhail Mikhailovich [mi-kah-eel mi-kahy-luh-vich;; Russian myi-khuh-yeel myi-khahy-luh-vyich] /mɪ kɑˈil mɪˈkaɪ lə vɪtʃ;; Russian myɪ xʌˈyil myɪˈxaɪ lə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1857–1935, Russian composer.

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