Words ending with um

3 letter words ending with um

  • aum — Om.
  • bum — Someone's bum is the part of their body which they sit on.
  • cum — used between two nouns to designate an object of a combined nature
  • dum — Cooked with steam.
  • gum — Often, gums. Also called gingiva. the firm, fleshy tissue covering the alveolar parts of either jaw and enveloping the necks of the teeth.

4 letter words ending with um

  • alum — An alum is the same as an alumnus.
  • arum — any plant of the aroid genus Arum, of Europe and the Mediterranean region, having arrow-shaped leaves and a typically white spathe
  • atum — a primeval god who by himself begot Shu and Tefnut: the original god of the Ennead.
  • axum — Aksum
  • baum — L(yman) Frank. 1856–1919, US novelist, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and its sequels

5 letter words ending with um

  • adsum — I am present
  • aksum — an ancient town in N Ethiopia, in the Tigre region: capital of the Aksumite Empire (1st to 6th centuries ad). According to tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was brought here from Jerusalem
  • album — An album is a record with about 25 minutes of music on each side. You can also refer to a collection of songs that is available on a record or CD as an album.
  • algum — a type of wood, mentioned in the Bible
  • annum — by the year; yearly.

6 letter words ending with um

  • acetum — a solution that has dilute acetic acid as solvent
  • actium — a town of ancient Greece that overlooked the naval battle in 31 bc at which Octavian's fleet under Agrippa defeated that of Mark Antony and Cleopatra
  • adytum — the most sacred place of worship in an ancient temple from which the laity was prohibited
  • aecium — a globular or cup-shaped structure in some rust fungi in which aeciospores are produced
  • aegium — a town in ancient Achaea, on the Gulf of Corinth: the Achaean League met here.

7 letter words ending with um

  • agendum — agenda
  • alodium — allodium
  • alundum — a hard material composed of fused alumina, used as an abrasive and a refractory
  • alyssum — any widely cultivated herbaceous garden plant of the genus Alyssum, having clusters of small yellow or white flowers: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
  • anticum — pronaos.

8 letter words ending with um

  • abomasum — the fourth and last compartment of the stomach of ruminants, which receives and digests food from the psalterium and passes it on to the small intestine
  • aciculum — a bristlelike part; seta
  • aconitum — any plant belonging to the genus Aconitum, of the buttercup family, having irregular flowers usually in loose clusters, including species with poisonous and medicinal properties.
  • actinium — a radioactive element of the actinide series, occurring as a decay product of uranium. It is used as an alpha-particle source and in neutron production. Symbol: Ac; atomic no: 89; half-life of most stable isotope,227Ac: 21.6 years; relative density: 10.07; melting pt: 1051°C; boiling pt: 3200 ± 300°C
  • addendum — An addendum is an additional section at the end of a book or document.

9 letter words ending with um

  • adstratum — a substratum or superstratum.
  • aethalium — a large, plump, pillow-shaped fruiting body of certain myxomycetes, formed by the aggregation of plasmodia into a single functional mass.
  • aluminium — Aluminium is a lightweight metal used, for example, for making cooking equipment and aircraft parts.
  • americium — a white metallic transuranic element artificially produced from plutonium. It is used as an alpha-particle source. Symbol: Am; atomic no: 95; half-life of most stable isotope, 243Am: 7.4 × 103 years; valency: 2,3,4,5, or 6; relative density: 13.67; melting pt: 1176°C; boiling pt: 2607°C (est)
  • anthodium — the flower head or bracts of a composite plant, as in daisies or asters

10 letter words ending with um

  • acetabulum — the deep cuplike cavity on the side of the hipbone that receives the head of the thighbone
  • acroterium — an ornament positioned on top of an acroter
  • alabastrum — alabastron.
  • ambulacrum — any of five radial bands on the ventral surface of echinoderms, such as the starfish and sea urchin, on which the tube feet are situated
  • androecium — the stamens of a flowering plant collectively

11 letter words ending with um

  • abecedarium — a primer, especially for teaching the alphabet.
  • androconium — a scale on the forewing of certain male butterflies from which an odor attractive to females is emitted.
  • animalculum — animalcule.
  • antependium — a covering hung over the front of an altar
  • antheridium — the male sex organ of algae, fungi, bryophytes, and spore-bearing vascular plants, such as ferns, which produces antherozoids

12 letter words ending with um

  • amphithecium — the outer layer of cells of the sporophyte of mosses and liverworts that develops into the outer parts of the spore-bearing capsule
  • androclinium — clinandrium.
  • appressorium — a flattened hypha of a parasitic fungus that penetrates the host tissues
  • archesporium — archespore.
  • atmospherium — an optical system used to simulate images of atmospheric phenomena, as cloud formations, storms, and day and night, on the inside of a dome.

13 letter words ending with um

  • actinouranium — the isotope of uranium that has a mass number of 235
  • agrobacterium — A soil bacterium, of the genus Agrobacterium, which can fix nitrogen, and causes the formation of crown galls in plants.
  • ante-christum — before Christ. Abbreviation: A.C.
  • anticlinorium — a vast elongated anticline with its strata further folded into anticlines and synclines
  • armamentarium — the items that comprise the material and equipment used by a physician in his professional practice

14 letter words ending with um

  • broad-spectrum — effective against a wide variety of diseases or microorganisms
  • chondrocranium — the cartilaginous structure that, in early development, envelops the brain
  • clavicytherium — a kind of harpsichord
  • cleistothecium — (in certain ascomycetous fungi) a closed, globose ascocarp from which the ascospores are released only by its rupture or decay.
  • disequilibrium — lack of equilibrium; imbalance.

15 letter words ending with um

  • chartophylacium — (in a medieval church) a place for the keeping of records and documents.
  • corynebacterium — any of various bacterium of the genus Corynebacterium, including various animal and plant pathogens and animal parasites
  • crinkum-crankum — a fanciful name for any object that is full of twists and turns
  • cryptosporidium — any parasitic sporozoan protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium, species of which are parasites of birds and animals and can be transmitted to humans, causing severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea (cryptosporidiosis)
  • ferromolybdenum — a ferroalloy containing up to 60 percent molybdenum.

16 letter words ending with um

  • asalam-wa-leikum — a salutation used in India
  • mesembryanthemum — any of various chiefly Old World plants of the genus Mesembryanthemum, having thick, fleshy leaves and often showy flowers.

20 letter words ending with um

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