Words ending with uer

4 letter words ending with uer

  • auer — Karl (karl), Baron von Welsbach. 1858–1929, Austrian chemist who discovered the alloy of cerium and iron used for flints in cigarette lighters and invented the incandescent gas mantle
  • euer — Obsolete typography of ever.
  • huer — One who cries out or gives an alarm.
  • nuer — a member of a tribal people who live along the Nile in southern Sudan and subsist chiefly by raising cattle.
  • puer — an alkaline substance derived from the dung of dogs, formerly used to steep hides

5 letter words ending with uer

  • bauer — Georg [gey-awrk] /geɪˈɔrk/ (Show IPA), Agricola, Georgius.
  • bluer — the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm.
  • dauer — (nematology) A developmental stage of certain nematode larvae in which they exhibit increased durability.
  • fouer — crazy; foolish.
  • gluer — One who glues.

6 letter words ending with uer

  • arguer — to present reasons for or against a thing: He argued in favor of capital punishment.
  • breuer — Josef (ˈjoːzɛf). 1842–1925, Austrian physician: treated the mentally ill by hypnosis
  • issuer — the act of sending out or putting forth; promulgation; distribution: the issue of food and blankets to flood victims.
  • queuer — a braid of hair worn hanging down behind.
  • roguer — a person who acts like a rogue

7 letter words ending with uer

  • amatuer — Misspelling of amateur.
  • becquer — Gustavo Adolfo [goos-tah-vaw ah-th awl-faw] /gusˈtɑ vɔ ɑˈðɔl fɔ/ (Show IPA), 1836–70, Spanish poet.
  • chequer — any of the marbles, pegs, or other pieces used in the game of Chinese chequers
  • conquer — If one country or group of people conquers another, they take complete control of their land.
  • jerquer — a customs officer or other official responsible for searching ships for contraband or undeclared goods

8 letter words ending with uer

  • adenauer — Konrad (ˈkɔnraːt). 1876–1967, German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1949–63)
  • antiquer — a person who alters the appearance of objects to give an antique quality
  • balaguer — Joaquin (ˈjoːakɪn). 1907–2002, Dominican statesman; president of the Dominican Republic (1960–62, 1966–78, 1986–96)
  • devaluer — One who, or that which, devalues.
  • reissuer — a person or entity that reissues something

9 letter words ending with uer

10 letter words ending with uer

  • cataloguer — One who catalogues.
  • literatuer — Obsolete form of literature.
  • schongauer — Martin [mahr-tn;; German mahr-teen] /ˈmɑr tn;; German ˈmɑr tin/ (Show IPA), c1430–91, German engraver and painter.

11 letter words ending with uer

  • beckenbauer — Franz. born 1945, German footballer: team captain when West Germany won the World Cup (1974): manager of West Germany (1984–90), coaching the team to success in the 1990 World Cup
  • big-leaguer — Sports. a player in a major league.

12 letter words ending with uer

  • anti-leaguer — a person who opposed the League of Nations or U.S. participation in it.
  • bush-leaguer — (in baseball) someone who plays in a minor league
  • majorleaguer — either of the two main professional baseball leagues in the U.S.
  • schopenhauer — Arthur [ahr-too r] /ˈɑr tʊər/ (Show IPA), 1788–1860, German philosopher.

13 letter words ending with uer

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