Words ending with ue

3 letter words ending with ue

  • aue — an exclamation of pain, distress, or astonishment
  • cue — In the theatre or in a musical performance, a performer's cue is something another performer says or does that is a signal for them to begin speaking, playing, or doing something.
  • due — together; in unison.
  • gue — (Shetland) A kind of fiddle or violin played on the Shetland Islands.
  • hue — a seaport in central Vietnam: former capital of Annam.

4 letter words ending with ue

  • ague — a fever with successive stages of fever and chills esp when caused by malaria
  • blue — Something that is blue is the colour of the sky on a sunny day.
  • clue — A clue to a problem or mystery is something that helps you to find the answer to it.
  • coue — Émile (emil). 1857–1926, French psychologist and pharmacist: advocated psychotherapy by autosuggestion
  • crue — Obsolete form of crew.

5 letter words ending with ue

  • acrue — Misspelling of accrue.
  • argue — If one person argues with another, they speak angrily to each other about something that they disagree about. You can also say that two people argue.
  • bague — (architecture) The annular moulding or group of mouldings dividing a long shaft or clustered column into two or more parts.
  • benue — a state of SE Nigeria. Capital: Makurdi. Pop: 4 219 244 (2006). Area: 34 059 sq km (13 150 sq miles)
  • bevue — a careless error

6 letter words ending with ue

  • -esque — indicating a specified character, manner, style, or resemblance
  • -logue — indicating speech or discourse of a particular kind
  • accrue — If money or interest accrues or if you accrue it, it gradually increases in amount over a period of time.
  • avenue — Avenue is sometimes used in the names of streets. The written abbreviation Ave. is also used.
  • bangue — Alternative form of bhang.

7 letter words ending with ue

  • -agogue — indicating a person or thing that leads or incites to action
  • absolue — Obsolete typography of absolve.
  • almique — a West African tree, Manilkara albescens, of the sapodilla family.
  • antique — An antique is an old object such as a piece of china or furniture which is valuable because of its beauty or rarity.
  • autocue — An Autocue is a device used by people speaking on television or at a public event, which displays words for them to read.

8 letter words ending with ue

  • analogue — If one thing is an analogue of another, it is similar in some way.
  • apologue — an allegory or moral fable
  • applique — Applique is the craft of sewing fabric shapes onto larger pieces of cloth. You can also use applique to refer to things you make using this craft.
  • banlieue — a suburb of a city
  • barbecue — A barbecue is a piece of equipment which you use for cooking on in the open air.

9 letter words ending with ue

  • angelique — a female given name.
  • arabesque — An arabesque is a position in ballet dancing. The dancer stands on one leg with their other leg lifted and stretched out backwards, and their arms stretched out in front of them.
  • baby-blue — in a pastel shade of blue
  • bar-b-que — barbecue
  • bienvenue — a welcome

10 letter words ending with ue

  • analytique — an elevation drawing of a façade, surrounded by a decorative arrangement composed of drawings of the important details and sometimes a plan or section of the façade.
  • andromaque — a tragedy (1667) by Racine.
  • antimasque — a comic or grotesque dance, presented between the acts of a masque
  • antiplague — acting against plague
  • antiplaque — acting against or preventing plaque

11 letter words ending with ue

12 letter words ending with ue

  • alhambresque — like the Alhambra, especially in richness of ornamentation
  • autocritique — the examination of factors guiding one's thoughts, beliefs and actions; self-criticism
  • beaumontague — a cement-like substance used to fill in and hide cracks and holes in woodwork and metalwork
  • bibliotheque — a library.
  • blue-on-blue — of or relating to friendly fire

13 letter words ending with ue

  • bottom-unique — In domain theory, a function f is bottom-unique if f x = bottom <=> x = bottom A bottom-unique function is also strict.
  • call-by-value — (CBV) An evaluation strategy where arguments are evaluated before the function or procedure is entered. Only the values of the arguments are passed and changes to the arguments within the called procedure have no effect on the actual arguments as seen by the caller. See applicative order reduction, call-by-value-result, strict evaluation, call-by-name, lazy evaluation.
  • carbon-tissue — paper faced with a preparation of carbon or other material, used between two sheets of plain paper in order to reproduce on the lower sheet that which is written or typed on the upper.
  • carnivalesque — characteristic of, suitable for, or like a carnival
  • counter-argue — to present reasons for or against a thing: He argued in favor of capital punishment.

14 letter words ending with ue

  • adder's-tongue — any of several terrestrial ferns of the genus Ophioglossum, esp O. vulgatum, that grow in the N hemisphere and have a spore-bearing body that sticks out like a spike from the leaf: family Ophioglossaceae
  • black-and-blue — (of the skin) discoloured, as from a bruise
  • devil's-tongue — a foul-smelling, fleshy plant, Amorphophallus rivieri, of the Old World tropics, having flowers on a spike surrounded by a dark-red spathe.
  • harlequinesque — in the manner of a harlequin.
  • hemingwayesque — of, relating to, or characteristic of Ernest Hemingway or his works.

15 letter words ending with ue

  • churrigueresque — of or relating to a style of baroque architecture of Spain in the late 17th and early 18th centuries

16 letter words ending with ue

  • hematocrit-value — a centrifuge for separating the cells of the blood from the plasma.
  • loire-atlantique — a department in NW France. 2695 sq. mi. (6980 sq. km). Capital: Nantes.

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