Words ending with ta

2 letter words ending with ta

  • ta — Terminal Adaptor

3 letter words ending with ta

  • ata — Advanced Technology Attachment
  • eta — The seventh letter of the Modern Greek alphabet, the eighth in Old Greek.
  • gta — Greater Toronto Area
  • ita — A kind of palm tree (Mauritia flexuosa), growing near the Orinoco.
  • lta — Lawn Tennis Association

4 letter words ending with ta

  • abta — Association of British Travel Agents
  • acta — an official record of public events
  • anta — a pilaster attached to the end of a side wall or sometimes to the side of a doorway
  • atta — That's the; that's a.
  • bata — Ethnic ceremonial double-headed drums played in triplet in the religion of Santería, especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico, originally from the Yoruba of Nigeria.

5 letter words ending with ta

  • -ista — indicating a supporter or follower of someone or something
  • adyta — (in ancient worship) a sacred place that the public was forbidden to enter; an inner shrine.
  • agata — an American art glass having a mottled, glossy, white and rose surface.
  • agita — acid indigestion
  • akita — a large powerfully-built dog of a Japanese breed with erect ears, a typically white coat, and a large full tail carried curled over its back

6 letter words ending with ta

  • agouta — a Haitian rodent, Solenodon paradoxus
  • ajanta — a village in N Maharashtra, in W central India: caves and shrines containing Buddhist frescoes and sculptures.
  • albata — a variety of German silver consisting of nickel, copper, and zinc
  • amenta — Plural form of amentum.
  • amrita — the ambrosia of the gods that bestows immortality

7 letter words ending with ta

  • advaita — one of the two principal Vedantic schools, asserting the existence of Brahman alone, whose appearance as the world is an illusion resulting from ignorance. Compare dvaita (def 2).
  • agarita — a tall shrub, Mahonia trifoliolata, of the barberry family, of southwestern North America, having stiff, oblong leaflets with spiny teeth and a red fruit used in jelly.
  • alberta — a province of W Canada: mostly prairie, with the Rocky Mountains in the southwest. Capital: Edmonton. Pop: 3 645 257 (2011 est). Area: 661 188 sq km (255 285 sq miles)
  • amanita — any of various saprotrophic agaricaceous fungi constituting the genus Amanita, having white gills and a broken membranous ring (volva) around the stalk. The genus includes several highly poisonous species, such as death cap, destroying angel, and fly agaric
  • annatta — annatto

8 letter words ending with ta

9 letter words ending with ta

  • abstracta — Plural form of abstractum.
  • adenomata — a benign tumor originating in a secretory gland.
  • alpargata — a sandal
  • anaglypta — a type of thick embossed wallpaper
  • anchoveta — a small anchovy, Cetengraulis mysticetus, of the American Pacific, used as bait by tuna fishermen

10 letter words ending with ta

  • anathemata — dedicatory gifts offered to gods
  • atheromata — Plural form of atheroma.
  • barracoota — Alt form barracouta.
  • barracouta — a large predatory Pacific fish, Thyrsites atun, with a protruding lower jaw and strong teeth: family Gempylidae
  • basilicata — a region of S Italy, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto. Capital: Potenza. Pop: 596 821 (2003 est). Area: 9985 sq km (3855 sq miles)

11 letter words ending with ta

  • 'ndrangheta — a criminal organization based in Calabria in S Italy
  • antofagasta — a port in N Chile. Pop: 323 000 (2005 est)
  • atelierista — Studio teacher.
  • bambocciata — a genre painting of usually small size produced in Rome in the 17th century.
  • carcinomata — Plural form of carcinoma.

12 letter words ending with ta

  • alexandretta — Iskenderun
  • bhutatathata — Tathata.
  • chandragupta — Greek name Sandracottos. died ?297 bc, ruler of N India, who founded the Maurya dynasty (325) and defeated Seleucus (?305)
  • chromonemata — a chromosome thread that is relatively uncoiled at early prophase but assumes a spiral form at metaphase.
  • coelenterata — the phylum comprising the coelenterates.

13 letter words ending with ta

  • bhagavad-gita — a sacred Hindu text composed about 200 bc and incorporated into the Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic
  • caltanissetta — a city in central Sicily: sulphur mines. Pop: 61 438 (2001)
  • enchondromata — Plural form of enchondroma.
  • epitheliomata — Plural form of epithelioma.
  • plasmodesmata — any of many minute strands of cytoplasm that extend through plant cell walls and connect adjoining cells.

14 letter words ending with ta

  • caustic-baryta — Also called calcined baryta, barium oxide, barium monoxide, barium protoxide. a white or yellowish-white poisonous solid, BaO, highly reactive with water: used chiefly as a dehydrating agent and in the manufacture of glass.
  • fibroadenomata — a benign tumor originating from glandular tissue, as in the female breast.
  • neurofibromata — a benign neoplasm composed of the fibrous elements of a nerve.
  • osteosarcomata — Plural form of osteosarcoma.

15 letter words ending with ta

  • calcined-baryta — Also called calcined baryta, barium oxide, barium monoxide, barium protoxide. a white or yellowish-white poisonous solid, BaO, highly reactive with water: used chiefly as a dehydrating agent and in the manufacture of glass.
  • independentista — (especially in Latin America) a person who supports or works toward political independence, especially one supporting radical changes in an existing government or from an existing system of government.
  • prajna-paramita — a series of sutras dealing with the perfection of wisdom: systematized by the Madhyamikas.

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