Words ending with ro

2 letter words ending with ro

  • ro — (networking)   The country code for Romania.

3 letter words ending with ro

  • aro — An androsexual male or SGA male.
  • bro — Some men use bro as a friendly way of addressing other men when they are talking to them.
  • cro — cathode-ray oscilloscope
  • dro — Abbreviation of hydroponic.
  • ero — Education Review Office

4 letter words ending with ro

  • acro — Of or pertaining to something that combines acrobatic elements with that of something else.
  • aero — of or relating to aircraft or aeronautics
  • afro — Afro hair is very tightly curled and sticks out all around your head.
  • biro — A Biro is a pen with a small metal ball at its tip which transfers the ink onto the paper.
  • caro — Sir Antony. 1924–2013, British sculptor, best known for his abstract steel sculptures

5 letter words ending with ro

  • aggro — Aggro is the difficulties and problems that are involved in something.
  • amaro — An Italian herbal liqueur.
  • amero — A proposed unified currency of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • andro — (informal) androstenedione.
  • appro — (of a purchase) approval: on appro.

6 letter words ending with ro

  • alfaro — (Flavio) Eloy [flah-vyaw-e-loi] /ˈflɑ vyɔ ɛˈlɔɪ/ (Show IPA), 1864–1912, Ecuadorian political leader: president 1897–1901, 1907–11.
  • alvaro — Corrado [kawr-rah-daw] /kɔrˈrɑ dɔ/ (Show IPA), c1890–1956, Italian journalist and novelist.
  • anteroMount, a peak in central Colorado, in the Sawatch Mountains. 14,269 feet (4349 meters).
  • anthro — (informal) anthropology.
  • arcaroEdward ("Eddie") 1916–97, U.S. jockey.

7 letter words ending with ro

  • alghero — a seaport in W Sardinia.
  • allegro — An allegro is a piece of classical music that should be played quickly and in a lively way.
  • arriero — a mule driver
  • battero — a heavy club
  • bizarro — bizarre

8 letter words ending with ro

  • antihero — An antihero is the main character in a novel, play, or film who is not morally good and does not behave like a typical hero.
  • asheboro — a town in central North Carolina.
  • autogiro — a self-propelled aircraft supported in flight mainly by unpowered rotating horizontal blades
  • autogyro — autogiro
  • autozero — Autozeroing.

9 letter words ending with ro

  • aboudikro — the wood of a sapele.
  • anti-hero — An anti-hero is the main character in a novel, play, or film who is not morally good and does not behave like a typical hero.
  • attleboro — a city in SE Massachusetts.
  • bandolero — a highwayman; a robber
  • bodeguero — a wine-seller or grocer

10 letter words ending with ro

  • alessandroVictor Nicholas, 1915–76, U.S. orchestra conductor.
  • atascadero — a town in SW California.
  • cagliostro — Count Alessandro di (alesˈsandro di), original name Giuseppe Balsamo. 1743–95, Italian adventurer and magician, who was imprisoned for life by the Inquisition for his association with freemasonry
  • cancionero — a songbook
  • cannizzaro — Stanislao [stah-neez-lah-aw] /ˌstɑ nizˈlɑ ɔ/ (Show IPA), 1826–1910, Italian chemist.

11 letter words ending with ro

  • brattleboro — a town in SE Vermont.
  • castelvetro — Lodovico [loh-duh-vee-koh;; Italian law-daw-vee-kaw] /ˌloʊ dəˈvi koʊ;; Italian ˌlɔ dɔˈvi kɔ/ (Show IPA), 1505–71, Italian philologist and literary critic.
  • chiaroscuro — Chiaroscuro is the use of light and shade in a picture, or the effect produced by light and shade in a place.
  • embarcadero — (rare) A quay; a wharf.
  • encomendero — the owner of an encomienda

12 letter words ending with ro

  • banderillero — a bullfighter's assistant who sticks banderillas into the bull
  • lillibullero — a part of the refrain to a song deriding the Irish Roman Catholics, popular in England during and after the revolution of 1688.
  • mohenjo-daro — an archaeological site in Pakistan, near the Indus River: six successive ancient cities were built here.
  • murfreesboro — a city in central Tennessee: battle of Stone River (or Murfreesboro) 1862.
  • yamoussoukro — a republic in W Africa: formerly part of French West Africa; gained independence 1960. 127,520 sq. mi. (330,275 sq. km). Capital: Abidjan.

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