Words ending with ric

3 letter words ending with ric

  • ric — Royal Institute of Chemistry

4 letter words ending with ric

  • -ric — jurisdiction, realm
  • eric — A fine paid as compensation for violent crimes.
  • uric — of, pertaining to, contained in, or derived from urine.

5 letter words ending with ric

  • afric — African.
  • agric — agricultural
  • auric — of or containing gold in the trivalent state
  • baric — of or containing barium
  • boric — of or containing boron

6 letter words ending with ric

  • agaric — any saprotrophic basidiomycetous fungus of the family Agaricaceae, having gills on the underside of the cap. The group includes the edible mushrooms and poisonous forms such as the fly agaric
  • alaric — ?370–410 ad, king of the Visigoths, who served under the Roman emperor Theodosius I but later invaded Greece and Italy, capturing Rome in 410
  • andric — Ivo (ˈiːvɔ). 1892–1975, Serbian novelist; author of The Bridge on the Drina (1945): Nobel prize for literature 1961
  • anuric — having anuria
  • capric — (of a type of acid) smelling of goats

7 letter words ending with ric

  • -hydric — having (a specified number of) hydroxyl radicals or replaceable hydrogen atoms in the molecule
  • aelfric — ("Ælfric Grammaticus"; "Ælfric the Grammarian") a.d. c955–c1020, English abbot and writer.
  • aldaric — Of or pertaining to an aldaric acid or its derivative.
  • amharic — the official language of Ethiopia, belonging to the SE Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family
  • baldric — a wide silk sash or leather belt worn over the right shoulder to the left hip for carrying a sword, etc

8 letter words ending with ric

  • -centric — having a centre as specified
  • acentric — without a centre
  • aciduric — (of bacteria) capable of growth in an acid environment.
  • aetheric — ether (defs 3–5).
  • amphoric — resembling the sound produced by blowing into a bottle. Amphoric breath sounds are heard through a stethoscope placed over a cavity in the lung

9 letter words ending with ric

  • ahistoric — not related to or concerned with documented history
  • aleatoric — designating or of music that involves chance or unpredictability in composition or performance or both
  • allegoric — consisting of or pertaining to allegory; of the nature of or containing allgegory; figurative: an allegorical poem; an allegorical meaning.
  • allobaric — of or relating to change in atmospheric pressure: allobaric wind.
  • anaphoric — of or relating to anaphora

10 letter words ending with ric

  • aerometric — Describing any measurement of a physical property of air (or other gases), but especially of temperature, pressure and velocity.
  • allometric — Of or pertaining to allometry.
  • allopatric — (of biological speciation or species) taking place or existing in areas that are geographically separated from one another
  • allosteric — of, relating to, or designating a function of an enzyme in which the structure and activity of the enzyme are modified by the binding of a metabolic molecule
  • altimetric — Of or pertaining to altimetry.

11 letter words ending with ric

  • acidimetric — (chemistry) Describing a titration in which the titrant is an acid.
  • acrocentric — (of a chromosome) having the centromere at one end
  • afrocentric — centered on, emphasizing, or showing the influence of African or, sometimes, African-American history and culture
  • albuminuric — related to the state of albuminuria
  • allocentric — Concerned with the interests of others more than one's own; community-minded.

12 letter words ending with ric

  • achlorhydric — relating to a lack of gastric hydrochloric acid
  • actinometric — Of or pertaining to actinometry.
  • alphanumeric — (of a character set, code, or file of data) consisting of alphabetical and numerical symbols
  • aminobutyric — (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to any of several isomeric univalent radicals in which a hydrogen atom of a butyric radical is replaced by an amino group.
  • amperometric — relating to or involving the measurement of an electric current

13 letter words ending with ric

  • amphitheatric — Of, pertaining to, exhibited in, or resembling an amphitheatre.
  • antisymmetric — (of a relation) never holding between a pair of arguments x and y when it holds between y and x except when x = y, as "…is no younger than…"
  • archaeometric — relating to archaeometry
  • archbishopric — the rank, office, or jurisdiction of an archbishop
  • cephalometric — Relating to cephalometrics.

14 letter words ending with ric

  • anthropometric — the measurement of the size and proportions of the human body.
  • asthenospheric — relating to the asthenosphere
  • chlorosulfuric — (inorganic chemistry) Of or pertaining to chlorosulfuric acid or its derivatives.
  • christocentric — having as the theological focal point the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ.
  • complexometric — as in complexometric indicator, an ionochromic dye that undergoes a definite colour change in presence of specific metal ions

15 letter words ending with ric

16 letter words ending with ric

  • heteromultimeric — (biochemistry) Describing a protein containing two or more different polypeptide chains.
  • interhemispheric — of, relating to, or between hemispheres, as of the earth: interhemispheric cooperation.
  • magneto-electric — of or relating to the induction of electric current or electromotive force by means of permanent magnets.
  • microphotometric — of, involving, or relating to microphotometry
  • neuropsychiatric — Of or pertaining to neuropsychiatry; simultaneously neurological and psychiatric.

17 letter words ending with ric

  • intertrochanteric — (anatomy) Between the two trochanters of the femur.
  • nitrohydrochloric — (chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or containing, nitric acid and hydrochloric acids.
  • nonstoichiometric — (of a solid compound) having a composition in which the ratio of the atoms present is not a simple integer
  • omphalomesenteric — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the umbilicus and mesentery.

20 letter words ending with ric

  • spectrophotoelectric — pertaining to the relationship between the wavelength of the incident radiation and the number of electrons released by a photoelectric substance.

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