Words ending with ri

2 letter words ending with ri

  • ri — Regina et Imperatrix

3 letter words ending with ri

  • bri — Basic Rate Interface
  • cri — Crown Research Institutes
  • mri — scanning procedure
  • nri — Non-Resident Indian: an Indian citizen or person of Indian origin living abroad
  • pri — ISDN Primary Rate Interface. See also BRI

4 letter words ending with ri

  • abri — a shelter or place of refuge, esp in wartime
  • amri — Omri.
  • bari — a port in SE Italy, capital of Apulia, on the Adriatic coast. Pop: 316 532 (2001)
  • biri — bidi.
  • buri — the first of the gods, revealed when the cow Audhumla licked away the salty ice that covered him.

5 letter words ending with ri

  • acari — plural of acarus.
  • aggri — denoting a type of African bead
  • ardri — an Irish high king
  • atari — (game of go) A move that threatens the immediate capture of one or more stones.
  • awari — An African game of strategy.

6 letter words ending with ri

  • ambari — kenaf.
  • aomori — seaport in northernmost Honshu, Japan, on an inlet of the Sea of Japan: pop. 293,000
  • aparri — a seaport on N Luzon, in the N Philippines.
  • askari — (in East Africa) a soldier or policeman
  • bihari — a member of an Indian people living chiefly in Bihar but also in other parts of NW India and Bangladesh

7 letter words ending with ri

  • alfieri — Count Vittorio (vitˈtɔːrjo). 1749–1803, Italian dramatist and poet, noted for his classical tragedies and political satires
  • alizari — the madder plant found in the Middle East
  • allegri — Gregorio. 1582–1652, Italian composer and singer. His compositions include a Miserere for nine voices
  • andvari — a dwarf who possessed a treasure hoard, which was robbed by Loki
  • apriori — Alternative form of a priori.

8 letter words ending with ri

  • akrotiri — the remains of an ancient Minoan city on the island of Thera in the Aegean Sea, where abundant pottery and frescoes of the second millennium b.c. have been excavated.
  • akureyri — a city in N Iceland.
  • araguari — a city in central Brazil.
  • beriberi — a disease, endemic in E and S Asia, caused by dietary deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1). It affects the nerves to the limbs, producing pain, paralysis, and swelling
  • bhelpuri — an Indian dish of puffed rice and vegetables

9 letter words ending with ri

  • adapazari — city in NW Turkey: pop. 152,000
  • ahtisaari — Martti [mahr-ti] /ˈmɑr tɪ/ (Show IPA), born 1938, president of Finland 1994–2000.
  • al-ashari — Abu ʾl-Hasan [ah-boo al-ha-san] /ˈɑ bu æl hæˈsæn/ (Show IPA), a.d. c873–936, the formulator of the classical synthesis in Islamic philosophical theology known as Ashʿarism.
  • carbonari — a secret political society with liberal republican aims, originating in S Italy about 1811 and particularly engaged in the struggle for Italian unification
  • cavalieri — Francesco Bonaventura [frahn-ches-kaw baw-nah-ven-too-rah] /frɑnˈtʃɛs kɔ ˌbɔ nɑ vɛnˈtu rɑ/ (Show IPA), 1598–1697, Italian mathematician.

10 letter words ending with ri

  • al-bukhari — Muhammad ibn Ismaʿil [ib-uh n is-mah-eel] /ˈɪb ən ɪsˈmɑ il/ (Show IPA), a.d. 810–870, a collector of the Hadith.
  • alessandri — Jorge [hawr-he] /ˈhɔr hɛ/ (Show IPA), 1896–1986, Chilean engineer and statesman: president 1958–64.
  • amphigouri — amphigory.
  • certiorari — an order of a superior court directing that a record of proceedings in a lower court be sent up for review
  • devanagari — a syllabic script in which Sanskrit, Hindi, and other modern languages of India are written

11 letter words ending with ri

  • bhartrihari — a.d. 570?–650? Indian grammarian and poet.
  • brahmachari — a student of the Vedas, especially one committed to brahmacharya.
  • carabinieri — a member of the Italian national police force, organized as a military unit and charged with maintaining public security and order as well as assisting local police.
  • chimichurri — an Argentinian sauce of parsley, oregano, red chilies, lemon zest, vinegar, and olive oil, often served with grilled meat.
  • condottieri — a leader of a private band of mercenary soldiers in Italy, especially in the 14th and 15th centuries.

12 letter words ending with ri

  • antiberiberi — Countering beriberi.
  • electrophori — Plural form of electrophorus.
  • sukarnoputri — Megawati (ˈmɛɡəˌwɒtɪ). born 1947, Indonesian politician; president of Indonesia (2001–04): daughter of Achmed Sukarno
  • ubangi-shari — former name of the Central African Republic.
  • wolf-ferrari — Ermanno [er-mahn-naw] /ɛrˈmɑn nɔ/ (Show IPA), 1876–1948, Italian composer.

13 letter words ending with ri

  • improvisatori — Plural form of improvisatore.
  • manrikigusari — a Japanese chain weapon with weighted ends, intended to strike or ensnare the enemy

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