Words ending with rer

4 letter words ending with rer

5 letter words ending with rer

  • airer — a metal or wooden frame on which clothes are hung to dry
  • barer — without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs.
  • borer — a machine or hand tool for boring holes
  • carer — A carer is someone who is responsible for looking after another person, for example, a person who has a disability, or is ill or very young.
  • corer — a kitchen tool used to remove the cores of apples or other fruit

6 letter words ending with rer

  • adorer — to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
  • bearer — The bearer of something such as a message is the person who brings it to you.
  • burrer — a person who removes burrs
  • carrer — left-handed.
  • dearer — hard; grievous.

7 letter words ending with rer

  • abjurer — One who abjures. (late 18th century).
  • adherer — a person who adheres to practices or beliefs
  • admirer — If you are an admirer of someone, you like and respect them or their work very much.
  • allurer — One who is alluring.
  • alterer — someone or something that alters

8 letter words ending with rer

  • abhorrer — to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate.
  • acquirer — In business, an acquirer is a company or person who buys another company.
  • answerer — someone who answers
  • appearer — a person who appears
  • arbitrer — arbitrator.

9 letter words ending with rer

10 letter words ending with rer

  • adventurer — An adventurer is a person who enjoys going to new, unusual, and exciting places.
  • bullroarer — a wooden slat attached to a thong that makes a roaring sound when the thong is whirled: used esp by native Australians in religious rites
  • calendarer — a person who calendars
  • calenderer — a person who operates a calender
  • casebearer — any of various narrow-winged moths of the family Coleophoridae that are often a major pest of plants

11 letter words ending with rer

  • armorbearer — a person who carried the armor or weapons of a warrior
  • bancassurer — a bank that sells insurance products
  • bull-roarer — a wooden slat that produces a roaring sound when whirled around one's head on the end of a string or thong, used by some peoples of the world in religious ceremonies and by others as a toy.
  • cheeseparer — a skinflint or miser
  • colorbearer — a person who carries the colors or standard, especially of a military body. Compare guidon (def 2).

12 letter words ending with rer

  • armourbearer — One who carries armor for another.
  • axe-murderer — someone who commits murderer with an axe
  • codiscoverer — a fellow discoverer
  • color-bearer — the person assigned to carry the colors, or flag, as in a parade or ceremony
  • cross-bearer — a person who carries or holds a cross, especially in a religious procession.

13 letter words ending with rer

14 letter words ending with rer

  • manslaughterer — (legal) Someone who commits manslaughter.
  • remanufacturer — a company or industry that engages in making an existing product new again

15 letter words ending with rer

  • hunter-gatherer — a member of a group of people who subsist by hunting, fishing, or foraging in the wild.
  • standard-bearer — an officer or soldier of an army or military unit who bears a standard.

16 letter words ending with rer

  • stretcher-bearer — a person who helps carry a stretcher, as in removing wounded from a battlefield.

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