Words ending with rd

2 letter words ending with rd

  • rd — Rd is a written abbreviation for road. It is used especially in addresses and on maps or signs.

3 letter words ending with rd

  • ird — Inland Revenue Department
  • ord — Order.

4 letter words ending with rd

  • bard — People sometimes refer to William Shakespeare as the Bard.
  • bird — A bird is a creature with feathers and wings. Female birds lay eggs. Most birds can fly.
  • burd — a young lady; maiden.
  • byrd — Richard Evelyn. 1888–1957, US rear admiral, aviator, and polar explorer
  • card — A card is a piece of stiff paper or thin cardboard on which something is written or printed.

5 letter words ending with rd

  • award — An award is a prize or certificate that a person is given for doing something well.
  • baird — John Logie (ˈləʊɡɪ). 1888–1946, Scottish engineer: inventor of a 240-line mechanically scanned system of television, replaced in 1935 by a 405-line electrically scanned system
  • beard — A man's beard is the hair that grows on his chin and cheeks.
  • board — A board is a flat, thin, rectangular piece of wood or plastic which is used for a particular purpose.
  • caird — a travelling tinker; vagrant

6 letter words ending with rd

  • aboard — If you are aboard a ship or plane, you are on it or in it.
  • absurd — If you say that something is absurd, you are criticizing it because you think that it is ridiculous or that it does not make sense.
  • accord — An accord between countries or groups of people is a formal agreement, for example to end a war.
  • afeard — frightened; afraid
  • afford — If you cannot afford something, you do not have enough money to pay for it.

7 letter words ending with rd

  • abelard — Peter. French name Pierre Abélard. 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher and theologian whose works include Historia Calamitatum and Sic et Non (1121). His love for Héloïse is recorded in their correspondence
  • aleyard — yard-of-ale.
  • antbird — any of various dull-coloured South American passerine birds of the family Formicariidae, such as Hylophylax naevioides (spotted ant bird), that typically feed on ants
  • ashford — a market town in SE England, in central Kent. Pop: 58 936 (2001)
  • awkward — An awkward situation is embarrassing and difficult to deal with.

8 letter words ending with rd

  • abailardPierre [pyer] /pyɛr/ (Show IPA), Abélard.
  • airboard — an inflatable board resembling a bodyboard that is used in the sport of airboarding
  • armguard — a band of leather or other material worn about the wrist or lower part of the arm for protection and support.
  • backward — A backward movement or look is in the direction that your back is facing. Some people use backwards for this meaning.
  • backword — the act or an instance of failing to keep a promise or commitment (esp in the phrase give (someone) backword)

9 letter words ending with rd

  • afterward — If you do something or if something happens afterward, you do it or it happens after a particular event or time that has already been mentioned.
  • afterword — An afterword is a short essay at the end of a book, usually written by the author.
  • backboard — In basketball, the backboard is the flat board above each of the baskets.
  • backsword — a person who uses the backsword
  • barnboard — barnwood.

10 letter words ending with rd

  • abbotsford — estate (1812-32) of Sir Walter Scott, on the Tweed in SE Scotland
  • aboveboard — An arrangement or deal that is aboveboard is legal and is being carried out openly and honestly. A person who is aboveboard is open and honest about what they are doing.
  • afterguard — a sailor or group of sailors stationed on the poop to attend to the aft sails
  • astarboard — to or from the starboard side
  • bargeboard — a board, often decorated with carved ornaments, placed along the gable end of a roof

11 letter words ending with rd

  • apostlebird — an omnivorous bird, Struthidea cinerea, of eastern Australia, that has chiefly dark gray-brown plumage with white tail markings and is noted for its habit of traveling in groups of about 12 related individuals.
  • baudrillard — Jean. 1929–2007, French sociologist and theorist of postmodernism; his books include Seduction (1979), America (1986), and The Spirit of Terrorism (2002)
  • beaverboard — a stiff light board of compressed wood fibre, used esp to surface partitions
  • benderboard — pliable, lightweight board used for making concrete patios, in gardens, and as woven fencing: often 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) wide and 1/4 to 1/2 inch (0.6 to 1.2 cm) thick and made from California redwood.
  • bridgeboard — a board on both sides of a staircase that is cut to support the treads and risers

12 letter words ending with rd

  • bog-standard — If you describe something as bog-standard you mean that is an ordinary example of its kind, with no exciting or interesting features.
  • cape-frowardCape, a cape in S Chile, on the Strait of Magellan: southernmost point of mainland South America.
  • carryforward — carry-over.
  • checkerboard — A checkerboard is a square board with 64 black and white squares that is used for playing checkers or chess.
  • chequerboard — Alternative spelling of checkerboard.

13 letter words ending with rd

  • aaron's-beard — rose of Sharon (def 2).
  • cotes-du-nord — a department in NW France. 2787 sq. mi. (7220 sq. km). Capital: Saint-Brieuc.
  • daughterboard — a small circuit board that can be attached to the motherboard of a computer
  • flash-forward — a device in the narrative of a motion picture, novel, etc., by which a future event or scene is inserted into the chronological structure of the work.
  • hawk-s--beard — any of various plants of the genus Crepis, of the daisy family, resembling the dandelion but having a branched stem with several flowers.

14 letter words ending with rd

  • centre-forward — A centre-forward in a team sport such as football or hockey is the player or position in the middle of the front row of attacking players.
  • containerboard — a form of paperboard, either corrugated or solid, that is used to make containers
  • off-the-record — not for publication; not to be quoted: a candidate's off-the-record remarks to reporters.

15 letter words ending with rd

  • cloak-and-sword — (of a drama or work of fiction) dealing with characters who wear cloaks and swords; concerned with the customs and romance of the nobility in bygone times.
  • fashion-forward — relating to, anticipating, or reflecting the most up-to-date fashion trends
  • jupiter's-beard — red valerian.
  • old-man's-beard — fringe tree.

16 letter words ending with rd

  • across-the-board — applying to all employees, members, groups, or categories; general: The across-the-board pay increase means a raise for all employees.
  • inboard-outboard — Also, outdrive, stern-drive. (of a motorboat) having an inboard engine connected to a maneuverable outboard drive-shaft unit.
  • nusslein-volhard — Christiane [kris-tee-ah-nuh,, kris-tyah-] /ˌkrɪs tiˈɑ nə,, krɪsˈtyɑ-/ (Show IPA), born 1942, German biologist: Nobel prize 1995.

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