Words ending with rch

3 letter words ending with rch

  • rch — Chile (international car registration)

4 letter words ending with rch

  • arch — An arch is a structure that is curved at the top and is supported on either side by a pillar, post, or wall.
  • orch — orchestra
  • alveolar arch — the part of the upper or lower jawbone in which the teeth are set.
  • anticrepuscular arch — antitwilight arch.
  • antitwilight arch — a narrow band, pink or with a purple cast, that sometimes appears at twilight just above the horizon opposite the sun.

5 letter words ending with rch

  • -arch — leader; ruler; chief
  • barch — Bachelor of Architecture
  • birch — A birch or a birch tree is a type of tall tree with thin branches.
  • curch — a woman's plain cap or kerchief
  • kerch — a seaport in E Crimea, in S Ukraine, on Kerch Strait.

6 letter words ending with rch

  • anarch — an instigator or personification of anarchy
  • church — A church is a building in which Christians worship. You usually refer to this place as church when you are talking about the time that people spend there.
  • diarch — (of a vascular bundle) having two strands of xylem
  • eparch — The chief bishop of an eparchy.
  • exarch — (in the Orthodox Church) a bishop lower in rank than a patriarch and having jurisdiction wider than the metropolitan of a diocese.

7 letter words ending with rch

  • autarch — an absolute ruler
  • endarch — (of a xylem strand) having the first-formed xylem internal to that formed later
  • hexarch — (of a plant) having six veins in the vascular tissue
  • mesarch — Botany. (of a primary xylem or root) developing from both the periphery and the center; having the older cells surrounded by the younger cells.
  • monarch — a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor.

8 letter words ending with rch

  • bescorch — to scorch badly
  • besmirch — If you besmirch someone or their reputation, you say that they are a bad person or that they have done something wrong, usually when this is not true.
  • ethnarch — (historical, Ancient Greece) The governor of a province or people.
  • genearch — a chief of a family or tribe.
  • heptarch — A heptarchist.

9 letter words ending with rch

  • acritarch — a type of small fossil
  • anteporch — an outer porch.
  • aristarch — a severe critic.
  • blowtorch — A blowtorch is the same as a blowlamp.
  • chiliarch — (in ancient Greece and Rome) the leader or commanding officer of a thousand soldiers

10 letter words ending with rch

  • antichurch — opposed to the beliefs, practices, and adherents of the Christian church
  • cimeliarch — a room for keeping the valuables of a church.
  • cornstarch — Cornstarch is the same as cornflour.
  • enomotarch — (historical, Ancient Greece) The commander of an enomoty.
  • frog-march — If you are frog-marched somewhere, someone takes you there by force, holding you by the arms or another part of your body so that you have to walk along with them.

11 letter words ending with rch

  • anti-church — a building for public Christian worship.
  • bioresearch — the investigation of the nature of living organisms; biological research.
  • body-search — to search all parts of the body of: Police ordered the suspects to strip and then body-searched them for hidden caches of narcotics.
  • ecclesiarch — a sacristan, especially of a monastery.
  • gymnasiarch — (in ancient Greece) a magistrate who superintended the gymnasia and public games in certain cities.

12 letter words ending with rch

  • christchurch — a city in New Zealand, on E South Island: manufacturing centre of a rich agricultural region; suffered major damage and loss of life in a series of earthquakes in 2010–11. Pop: 366 000 (2013 est)
  • countermarch — to march or cause to march back along the same route
  • eleutherarch — the chief of the eleutheri
  • strip-search — to search (a suspect who has been required to remove all clothing) especially for concealed weapons, contraband, or evidence of drug abuse.

14 letter words ending with rch

  • under-research — diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc.: recent research in medicine.

15 letter words ending with rch

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