Words ending with rame

5 letter words ending with rame

  • arame — a dark brown or black seaweed, Eisenia bicyclis (or Ecklonia bicyclis), that is used in Japanese cuisine
  • brame — a fierce passion or vexation
  • crame — a merchant's booth or stall at a market
  • frame — a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc.
  • grame — (obsolete) Anger; wrath; scorn; bitterness; repugnance.

6 letter words ending with rame

  • iframe — (Internet) A section of a web page that can act as the container for a second separate page or resource.

7 letter words ending with rame

  • a-frame — (of a house) constructed with an A-shaped elevation
  • deframe — a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc.
  • enframe — to put inside a frame
  • macrame — an elaborately patterned lacelike webbing made of hand-knotted cord, yarn, or the like, and used for wall decorations, hanging baskets, garments, accessories, etc.
  • reframe — a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc.

8 letter words ending with rame

  • airframe — the body of an aircraft, excluding its engines
  • bedframe — the framework of a bed
  • keyframe — A single frame in an animation sequence drawn by an artist, between which others are tweened.
  • misframe — to frame wrongly

9 letter words ending with rame

  • doorframe — the frame of a doorway, including two jambs and a lintel, or head.
  • footframe — a rigid midsole molded into the back part of a shoe or boot, adding stability.
  • headframe — a structure supporting the hoisting sheaves at the top of a mine shaft.
  • mainframe — a large computer, often the hub of a system serving many users.
  • packframe — a framework, usually of lightweight metal tubing, that supports a backpack on the wearer, often by curved extensions that fit over the shoulders.

10 letter words ending with rame

  • interframe — (signal processing) A video frame which is compressed to express only the change from a reference frame.
  • intraframe — (signal processing) A video frame which does not depend on any other frame for rendering, but simply presents fixed image. Usually subject to spatial compression.
  • stop-frame — Also called stop frame. the process of filming puppets and other objects one frame at a time while incrementally moving or modifying them, giving the illusion of lifelike motion when the captured film frames are viewed in rapid sequence (often used attributively): stop-motion animation; a stop-motion film.
  • underframe — the lower frame on which a vehicular structure rests: the underframe of a bus.

12 letter words ending with rame

  • freeze-frame — an optical effect or technique in which a single frame of film is reprinted in a continuous series, which when shown gives the effect of a still photograph.

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