Words ending with ps

2 letter words ending with ps

  • ps — postscript: addition to letter

3 letter words ending with ps

  • aps — Advanced Photo System
  • bps — bps is a measurement of the speed at which computer data is transferred, for example by a modem. bps is an abbreviation for 'bits per second'.
  • cps — cycles per second
  • dps — 1.   (language, text)   Display PostScript. 2.   (language)   A real-time language with direct expression of timing requests.
  • eps — Encapsulated PostScript

4 letter words ending with ps

  • alps — a mountain range in S central Europe, extending over 1000 km (650 miles) from the Mediterranean coast of France and NW Italy through Switzerland, N Italy, and Austria to Slovenia. Highest peak: Mont Blanc, 4807 m (15 771 ft)
  • amps — amputation.
  • apps — Plural form of app.
  • asps — Plural form of asp.
  • baps — a woman's breasts

5 letter words ending with ps

  • beeps — Plural form of beep.
  • bumps — the act of bumping a child
  • camps — Plural form of camp.
  • carps — Plural form of carp.
  • chaps — Chaps are leather leggings without a seat that are sometimes worn by cowboys over their pants.

6 letter words ending with ps

  • anceps — (poetry, Greek and Latin meter) A syllable that can be either short or long.
  • auceps — a person who catches hawks
  • biceps — Your biceps are the large muscles at the front of the upper part of your arms.
  • champs — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of champ.
  • cheeps — Plural form of cheep.

7 letter words ending with ps

  • backups — Plural form of backup.
  • carhops — Plural form of carhop.
  • catnaps — Plural form of catnap.
  • cecrops — (in ancient Greek tradition) the first king of Attica, represented as half-human, half-dragon
  • chanops — Plural form of chanop.

8 letter words ending with ps

  • airdrops — Plural form of airdrop.
  • airships — Plural form of airship.
  • alcopops — Plural form of alcopop.
  • anableps — any of various cyprinodont fishes constituting the genus Anableps, which includes the four-eyed fishes
  • bogomips — (unit)   (From "bogus", "MIPS") The timing unit of the Linux kernel. A BogoMips is an unscientific measurement of processor speed made by the Linux kernel when it boots, to calibrate an internal busy-loop.

9 letter words ending with ps

10 letter words ending with ps

  • afterclaps — Plural form of afterclap.
  • beechdrops — a North American flowering plant, Epifagus virginiana, which is parasitic on beech trees
  • cardsharps — Plural form of cardsharp.
  • chinstraps — Plural form of chinstrap.
  • courtships — Plural form of courtship.

11 letter words ending with ps

  • archbishops — Plural form of archbishop.
  • barbershops — Plural form of barbershop.
  • battleships — Plural form of battleship.
  • commonloops — (language)   Xerox's object-oriented Lisp which led to CLOS. See also Portable CommonLoops.
  • contrecoups — Plural form of contrecoup.

12 letter words ending with ps

13 letter words ending with ps

14 letter words ending with ps

15 letter words ending with ps

16 letter words ending with ps

18 letter words ending with ps

On this page, we collect all words that ending in PS. To make easier to find the right word we have divided all 666 words to groups according to their length. So you should go to appropriate page if can’t find the word that ends in PS that you are searching. Also you can use this page in Scrabble.

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