Words ending with ppus

6 letter words ending with ppus

  • cippus — a pillar bearing an inscription
  • hippus — spasmodic contraction of the pupil of the eye.
  • pappus — a downy, bristly, or other tuftlike appendage of the achene of certain plants, as the dandelion and the thistle.

7 letter words ending with ppus

8 letter words ending with ppus

  • calippus — flourished 4th century b.c, Greek astronomer.
  • eohippus — Extinct early Eocene mammal, Hyracotherium leporinum.
  • lysippus — flourished c360–c320 b.c, Greek sculptor.

9 letter words ending with ppus

  • callippus — flourished 4th century b.c, Greek astronomer.
  • leucippus — 5th century bc Greek philosopher, who originated the atomist theory of matter, developed by his disciple, Democritus
  • philippus — a gold coin of ancient Greece, originally issued by Philip II of Macedon.

10 letter words ending with ppus

  • aristippus — ?435–?356 bc, Greek philosopher, who believed pleasure to be the highest good and founded the Cyrenaic school
  • chrysippus — 280–209? b.c, Greek Stoic philosopher.
  • melanippus — a Theban who killed Tydeus in the battle of the Seven against Thebes and who was, in turn, slain by Amphiaraus.
  • mesohippus — any of a group of prehistoric horselike animals of the genus Mesohippus, which had three toes and which lived during the Oligocene epoch

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