Words ending with ont

4 letter words ending with ont

  • cont — Abbreviation of continue.
  • dont — contraction of do not.
  • font — a complete assortment of type of one style and size.
  • mont — Mount; mountain.
  • oont — (India) A camel.

5 letter words ending with ont

6 letter words ending with ont

  • -odont — having teeth of a certain type; -toothed
  • afront — in front of
  • dumont — a city in NE New Jersey.
  • dupont — Eleuthère Irénée [e-lœ-ter ee-rey-ney] /ɛ lœˈtɛr i reɪˈneɪ/ (Show IPA), 1771–1834, U.S. industrialist, born in France.
  • egmont — Lamoral (lamoˈral), Count of Egmont, Prince of Gavre. 1522–68, Flemish statesman and soldier. He attempted to secure limited reforms and religious tolerance in the Spanish government of the Netherlands, refused to join William the Silent's rebellion, but was nevertheless executed for treason by the Duke of Alva

7 letter words ending with ont

  • affront — If something affronts you, you feel insulted and hurt because of it.
  • belmont — Alva Ertskin Smith Vanderbilt [urt-skin] /ˈɜrt skɪn/ (Show IPA), 1853–1933, U.S. women's-rights activist and socialite.
  • dinmont — a young neutered male sheep
  • diplont — the diploid individual in a life cycle that has a diploid and a haploid phase.
  • dormont — a city in SW Pennsylvania.

8 letter words ending with ont

  • acrodont — (of the teeth of some reptiles) having no roots and being fused at the base to the margin of the jawbones
  • beaumont — a city in SE Texas. Pop: 112 434 (2003 est)
  • bowfront — having a front that curves outwards
  • bunodont — (of the teeth of certain mammals) having cusps that are separate and rounded
  • califont — a gas water heater

9 letter words ending with ont

  • aerobiont — an organism that requires oxygen to survive
  • bow-front — having a front with a convex curve
  • carefront — To caringly confront an individual; To approach someone in love and respect and correct them in an honoring manner.
  • chorizont — a person who challenges the authorship of a work
  • claremont — a town in SW California.

10 letter words ending with ont

  • beachfront — A beachfront house, café, shop, or hotel is situated on or by a beach.
  • breakfront — (of a bookcase, bureau, etc) having a slightly projecting central section
  • dicynodont — any of various extinct Triassic mammal-like reptiles having a single pair of tusklike teeth
  • diphyodont — having two successive sets of teeth, as most mammals.
  • diplobiont — an organism that has both haploid and diploid individuals in its life cycle

11 letter words ending with ont

  • anaerobiont — an organism that can live anaerobically
  • battlefront — the front line of a battle, where the action takes place
  • brachyodont — (of mammals, such as humans) having teeth with short crowns
  • cryptobiont — any organism that exhibits cryptobiosis
  • cyprinodont — any small tropical or subtropical soft-finned fish of the mostly marine family Cyprinodontidae, resembling carp but having toothed jaws. The group includes the guppy, killifish, swordtail, and topminnow

12 letter words ending with ont

  • ectosymbiont — (biology) A partner in a symbiotic relationship that remains on the surface of its host or occupies a body cavity.
  • endosymbiont — (ecology) An organism that lives within the body or cells of another organism.
  • machairodont — having sabre-like teeth; sabre-toothed
  • monophyodont — an animal that has only one set of teeth
  • polyphyodont — having many successive sets of teeth, as fishes and other lower vertebrates

13 letter words ending with ont

  • polyprotodont — any marsupial of the group Polyprotodontia, characterized by four or more upper incisor teeth on each side of the jaw: includes the opossums and bandicoots
  • santos-dumont — Alberto [ahl-ber-too] /ɑlˈbɛr tʊ/ (Show IPA), 1873–1932, Brazilian aeronaut in France: designer and builder of dirigibles and airships.

14 letter words ending with ont

  • backside-front — backend-to.
  • labyrinthodont — any member of several orders of small to large lizardlike terrestrial and freshwater amphibians, some ancestral to land vertebrates, forming the extinct subclass Labyrinthodonta that flourished from the Devonian through the Triassic periods, characterized by a solid, flattened skull and conical teeth.

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