Words ending with onic

5 letter words ending with onic

  • conic — having the shape of a cone
  • ionic — Architecture. noting or pertaining to one of the five classical orders that in ancient Greece consisted of a fluted column with a molded base and a capital composed of four volutes, usually parallel to the architrave with a pulvinus connecting a pair on each side of the column, and an entablature typically consisting of an architrave of three fascias, a richly ornamented frieze, and a cornice corbeled out on egg-and-dart and dentil moldings, with the frieze sometimes omitted. Roman and Renaissance examples are often more elaborate, and usually set the volutes of the capitals at 45° to the architrave. Compare composite (def 3), Corinthian (def 2), Doric (def 3), Tuscan (def 2).
  • monic — (of a polynomial) having the coefficient of the term of highest degree equal to 1.
  • sonic — of or relating to sound.
  • tonic — a medicine that invigorates or strengthens: a tonic of sulphur and molasses.

6 letter words ending with onic

  • adonic — (in classical prosody) of or relating to a verse line consisting of a dactyl (– ◡ ◡) followed by a spondee (– –) or by a trochee (– ◡), thought to have been first used in laments for Adonis
  • aeonic — lasting for an aeon
  • agonic — forming no angle
  • atonic — (of a syllable, word, etc) carrying no stress; unaccented
  • axonic — of or relating to the long, single projection of nerve cells conducting nerve impulses away from the cell's body

7 letter words ending with onic

  • aaronic — of or relating to Aaron, his family, or the priestly dynasty initiated by him
  • acronic — acronical
  • ammonic — of or concerned with ammonia or ammonium compounds
  • anionic — a negatively charged ion, as one attracted to the anode in electrolysis.
  • aphonic — affected with aphonia

8 letter words ending with onic

  • acetonic — Of, pertaining to, or producing acetone.
  • achronic — Timeless.
  • amnionic — Amniotic.
  • anamonic — A mnemonic used for recalling lists of words, particularly in Scrabble, consisting of a \"stem\" of base letters and an accompanying phrase, each of whose letters can combine with the stem to form an anagram of a word.
  • aniconic — (of images of deities, symbols, etc) not portrayed in a human or animal form

9 letter words ending with onic

  • aleuronic — related to the aleurone layer
  • anhedonic — unable to feel or experience pleasure
  • antimonic — of or containing antimony in the pentavalent state
  • antitonic — (physiology) That reduces muscular or vascular tonus.
  • auxotonic — (of muscle contraction) occurring against increasing force

10 letter words ending with onic

  • acrophonic — the use of what was originally a logogram as a phonetic symbol for the initial sound of the word the logogram represented, as, in Semitic writing, the use of a picture of a shepherd's crook to represent the sound (l), the first sound of lamed, the Hebrew word for a shepherd's crook.
  • allophonic — any of the members of a class of speech sounds that, taken together, are commonly felt to be a phoneme, as the t- sounds of toe, stow, tree, hatpin, catcall, cats, catnip, button, metal, city; a speech sound constituting one of the phonetic manifestations or variants of a particular phoneme.
  • anachronic — out of chronological order or out of date
  • anharmonic — of or concerned with an oscillation whose frequency is not an integral factor or multiple of the base frequency
  • antiphonic — relating to or resembling an antiphon

11 letter words ending with onic

  • allochronic — (biology, of taxa) occurring in different geologic time.
  • anglophonic — of or relating to English speakers
  • animatronic — of, concerned with, or operated by animatronics
  • arachidonic — related to arachidonic acid or the derivatives of arachidonic acid
  • cacodemonic — relating to cacodemons

12 letter words ending with onic

  • amphictyonic — of or relating to an amphictyon or an amphictyony.
  • anthrophonic — Relating to anthrophony.
  • anticyclonic — Of, relating to, or consisting of an anticyclone.
  • antimnemonic — difficult to remember (often deliberately so)
  • autochthonic — pertaining to autochthons; aboriginal; indigenous (opposed to heterochthonous).

13 letter words ending with onic

  • architectonic — denoting, relating to, or having architectural qualities
  • electrophonic — Relating to electronic equipment to produce sound (this adjectival sense is not comparable).
  • heterochronic — a genetic shift in timing of the development of a tissue or anatomical part, or in the onset of a physiological process, relative to an ancestor.
  • isoelectronic — noting or pertaining to atoms and ions having an equal number of electrons.
  • monochorionic — Sharing one foetal membrane, or chorion. Typically used of identical twins.

14 letter words ending with onic

  • balto-slavonic — a hypothetical subfamily of Indo-European languages consisting of Baltic and Slavonic. It is now generally believed that similarities between them result from geographical proximity rather than any special relationship
  • extraembryonic — (medicine) Inside the womb, but outside the embryo.
  • holoplanktonic — plankton that spend their entire life cycle as free-swimming organisms (opposed to hemiplankton).
  • internucleonic — internuclear
  • optoelectronic — the branch of electronics dealing with devices that generate, transform, transmit, or sense optical, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation, as cathode-ray tubes, electroluminescent and liquid crystal displays, lasers, and solar cells.

15 letter words ending with onic

17 letter words ending with onic

  • acoustoelectronic — denoting a device in which electronic signals are converted into acoustic waves, esp in delay lines, etc
  • cytoarchitectonic — Of or pertaining to cytoarchitectonics (cytoarchitecture).

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