Words ending with ome

4 letter words ending with ome

  • -ome — denoting a mass or part of a specified kind
  • come — When a person or thing comes to a particular place, especially to a place where you are, they move there.
  • dome — Architecture. a vault, having a circular plan and usually in the form of a portion of a sphere, so constructed as to exert an equal thrust in all directions. a domical roof or ceiling. a polygonal vault, ceiling, or roof.
  • gome — Alternative form of goom.
  • homeLord, Douglas-Home.

5 letter words ending with ome

  • -some — characterized by; tending to
  • -tome — indicating an instrument for cutting
  • biome — a major ecological community, extending over a large area and usually characterized by a dominant vegetation
  • brome — any of a large genus (Bromus) of grasses of the temperate zone, having closed sheaths and spikelets with awns: a few are crop plants but many are weeds
  • crome — John, known as Old Crome. 1768–1821, English landscape painter and etcher

6 letter words ending with ome

  • -drome — a course; racecourse
  • -stome — indicating a mouth or opening resembling a mouth
  • ancome — an inflammation or boil
  • awsome — a frequent misspelling of awesome.
  • become — If someone or something becomes a particular thing, they start to change and develop into that thing, or start to develop the characteristics mentioned.

7 letter words ending with ome

  • -chrome — colour, coloured, or pigment
  • at-home — Also, at home. a reception of visitors at certain hours at one's home.
  • awesome — An awesome person or thing is very impressive and often frightening.
  • caulome — the stem structure of a plant considered as a whole
  • dishome — to deprive of a home

8 letter words ending with ome

  • abrocome — Either of the ratlike rodents that from the genus Abrocoma; rat chinchilla.
  • acrosome — a cap-like structure on the tip of a spermatozoon that releases enzymes on encountering the ovum allowing fusion with the ovum in the sexual reproductive process; this part of the process is known as the acrosome reaction
  • airdrome — An airdrome is a place or area where small aircraft can land and take off.
  • allosome — A sex chromosome that differs from an ordinary autosome in form, size, or behaviour.
  • anadrome — A word which forms a different word when spelled backwards.

9 letter words ending with ome

  • acrodrome — (of the veins of a leaf) running parallel to the edges of the leaf and fusing at the tip
  • aerodrome — An aerodrome is a place or area where small aircraft can land and take off.
  • amphinome — a maiden who, along with her sister Evadne, was deceived by Medea into murdering their father, Pelias.
  • amplosome — the short or stocky type of human body shape
  • aquadrome — a venue for water sports

10 letter words ending with ome

  • arthrotome — (surgery) A strong scalpel used in the dissection of joints.
  • autochrome — a material once used for color photography, consisting of a photographic emulsion applied over a multicolored screen of minute starch grains dyed red, green, and blue-violet.
  • auxochrome — a group of atoms that can be attached to a chromogen to convert it into a dye
  • battlesome — argumentative; quarrelsome.
  • blithesome — cheery; merry

11 letter words ending with ome

12 letter words ending with ome

  • adrenochrome — a chemical pigment produced by the oxidation of adrenaline
  • chondriosome — mitochondrion
  • deuterostome — any member of the major group of animals defined by the fact that during early embryonic development the first opening to form becomes the anus of the animal. The opposite is protostome
  • douglas-homeAlexander Frederick (Baron Home of the Hirsel) 1903–1995, British statesman and politician: prime minister 1963–64.
  • fixed-income — gaining or yielding a more or less uniform rate of income.

13 letter words ending with ome

  • adventuresome — Adventuresome means the same as adventurous.
  • isochromosome — an abnormal chromosome in which the two arms share identical genetic information
  • mercurochrome — Merbromin.
  • middle-income — of or relating to those with an average income within the overall population.
  • transcriptome — a collection of all the messenger RNA in a particular cell

14 letter words ending with ome

  • home-from-home — a place that is as pleasant and comfortable as a person's own home
  • overburdensome — excessively burdensome.
  • ultramicrotome — a microtome capable of producing very fine slices of tissue or cellular specimens for electron microscopic examination.

15 letter words ending with ome

  • effort-syndrome — an anxiety reaction characterized by quick fatigue, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, and other cardiac symptoms, but not caused by disease of the heart.
  • moderate-income — of or relating to those with a close-to-average income within the overall population.

16 letter words ending with ome

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