Words ending with nga

3 letter words ending with nga

  • nga — National Graphical Association

4 letter words ending with nga

  • anga — one of the two parts, or tetrachords, of the octave in Indian music
  • inga — (botany) Any of the genus Inga of small tropical trees and shrubs.

5 letter words ending with nga

  • ainga — (in Samoa) a large family, often spanning several generations
  • benga — a Kenyan popular music featuring guitars
  • conga — If a group of people dance a conga, they dance in a long winding line, with each person holding on to the back of the person in front.
  • donga — (in an ice shelf) a small ravine with steep sides.
  • ganga — (dated) sandgrouse.

6 letter words ending with nga

  • boonga — a Pacific Islander
  • changa — an expression of approval or agreement
  • gringa — a term used in Latin America or Spain to refer to a female foreigner, especially one of U.S. or British descent (sometimes used facetiously).
  • inanga — a common type of New Zealand grass tree, Dracophyllum longifolium
  • kainga — Maori village.

7 letter words ending with nga

  • anhinga — any of a family (Anhingidae) of pelecaniform birds of tropical and subtropical regions, with a long, sharp-pointed bill and long neck
  • bazinga — Exclamation indicating a successful trick or prank.
  • bubinga — the tree Guibourtia demeusui, native to tropical African regions
  • cotinga — any tropical American passerine bird of the family Cotingidae, such as the umbrella bird and the cock-of-the-rock, having a broad slightly hooked bill
  • geminga — one of the brightest and nearest gamma-ray sources, situated in the constellation Gemini. A pulsar, it is believed to be a spinning neutron star

8 letter words ending with nga

  • araponga — any of four species of South American birds of the genus Procnias, each having a bell-like call
  • bakwanga — former name of Mbuji-Mayi.
  • caatinga — a Brazilian semi-arid scrub forest
  • charanga — a type of orchestra used in performing traditional Cuban music
  • churinga — a sacred amulet of the native Australians

9 letter words ending with nga

  • antaranga — the three angas pertaining to the mind: dharana or concentration, dhyana or meditation, and samadhi or contemplation.
  • barasinga — a species of deer, Cervus duvaucelii, native to India and Nepal, known for the many-pointed nature of its antlers
  • caratinga — a city in E Brazil.
  • cowabunga — Used to express delight or satisfaction.
  • izinyanga — Plural form of inyanga.

10 letter words ending with nga

  • alcheringa — (often initial capital letter) dreamtime.
  • mpumalanga — a province of E South Africa; formed in 1994 (originally as Eastern Transvaal) from part of the former province of Transvaal: agriculture and service industries. Capital: Nelspruit. Pop: 4 039 939 (2011 est). Area: 78 370 sq km (30 259 sq miles)
  • māoritanga — the Māori culture; Māori way of life

11 letter words ending with nga

  • bucaramanga — a city in N central Colombia, in the Cordillera Oriental: centre of a district growing coffee, tobacco, and cotton. Pop: 1 069 000 (2005 est)
  • chimichanga — a savoury deep-fried filled tortilla
  • kawanatanga — governing; governorship
  • kotahitanga — unity or solidarity
  • kumaratunga — Chandrika (ˈtʃʊnˌdrɪkə) Bandaranaike. born 1945, Sri Lankan politician: prime minister (1994); president (1994–2005)

12 letter words ending with nga

  • itapetininga — a city in E Brazil.
  • kanchenjunga — a mountain in S Asia, between NE India and Nepal, in the E Himalayas: third highest in the world. 28,169 feet (8586 meters).
  • kinchinjunga — Kanchenjunga.

13 letter words ending with nga

  • kangchenjunga — a mountain on the border between Nepal and Sikkim, in the Himalayas: the third highest mountain in the world. Height: 8598 m (28 208 ft)

14 letter words ending with nga

  • albury-wodonga — a town in SE Australia, in S central New South Wales, on the Murray River: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 69 880 (2001)
  • rangatiratanga — the condition of being a Māori chief; sovereignty

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