Words ending with nder

5 letter words ending with nder

  • ender — Something which ends another thing.
  • under — beneath and covered by: under a table; under a tree.
  • be snowed under — to be overwhelmed, esp with paperwork
  • bubble under — to remain just beneath a particular level
  • buckle under — If you buckle under to a person or a situation, you do what they want you to do, even though you do not want to do it.

6 letter words ending with nder

  • bander — someone who joins a band or league
  • bender — If someone goes on a bender, they drink a very large amount of alcohol.
  • binder — A binder is a hard cover with metal rings inside, which is used to hold loose pieces of paper.
  • bonder — a long stone or brick laid in a wall as a header
  • cinder — a piece of incombustible material left after the combustion of coal, coke, etc; clinker

7 letter words ending with nder

  • -hander — -hander combines with words like 'two' or 'three' to form nouns which indicate how many people are involved in a particular activity, especially a play or a film.
  • agender — noting or relating to a person who does not have a specific gender identity or recognizable gender expression.
  • amender — to alter, modify, rephrase, or add to or subtract from (a motion, bill, constitution, etc.) by formal procedure: Congress may amend the proposed tax bill.
  • asunder — If something tears or is torn asunder, it is violently separated into two or more parts or pieces.
  • blander — pleasantly gentle or agreeable: a bland, affable manner.

8 letter words ending with nder

  • -pounder — -pounder can be added to numbers to form nouns that refer to animals or fish that weigh a particular number of pounds.
  • appender — (computing) A software component that appends data to a computer file.
  • ascender — the part of certain lower-case letters, such as b or h, that extends above the body of the letter
  • attender — The attenders at a particular place or event are the people who go there.
  • bigender — Also, bigendered. noting or relating to a person who has two gender identities or some combination of both.

9 letter words ending with nder

  • absconder — to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution: The cashier absconded with the money.
  • alexander — Harold (Rupert Leofric George), Earl Alexander of Tunis. 1891–1969, British field marshal in World War II, who organized the retreat from Dunkirk and commanded in North Africa (1943) and Sicily and Italy (1944–45); governor general of Canada (1946–52); British minister of defence (1952–54)
  • attainder — (formerly) the extinction of a person's civil rights resulting from a sentence of death or outlawry on conviction for treason or felony
  • auslander — (in a German-speaking country) a foreigner
  • bartender — A bartender is a person who serves drinks behind a bar.

10 letter words ending with nder

  • africander — one of a breed of red beef cattle, raised originally in southern Africa, well adapted to high temperatures.
  • afrikander — a breed of humpbacked beef cattle originally raised in southern Africa
  • argelander — Friedrich Wilhelm August [free-drikh vil-helm ou-goo st] /ˈfri drɪx ˈvɪl hɛlm ˈaʊ gʊst/ (Show IPA), 1799–1875, German astronomer.
  • autowinder — a battery-operated device for advancing the film in a camera automatically after each exposure
  • backhander — A backhander is an amount of money that is illegally paid to someone in a position of authority in order to encourage them to do something.

11 letter words ending with nder

  • all-rounder — Someone who is an all-rounder is good at a lot of different skills, academic subjects, or sports.
  • anaximander — 611–547 bc, Greek philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician who believed the first principle of the world to be the Infinite
  • apprehender — Agent noun of apprehend; one who apprehends.
  • baby-minder — a person who is paid to look after other people's babies or very young children
  • bellfounder — a foundry worker who casts bells

12 letter words ending with nder

  • backgrounder — A backgrounder is a short article in a newspaper or magazine that provides background information about a particular subject.
  • bitter-ender — a person who persists in a hopeless cause; one who will not give in
  • brassfounder — a person who makes things from brass
  • cackermander — a friend
  • child-minder — a baby-sitter.

13 letter words ending with nder

  • autoresponder — A program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular e-mail address.
  • fender-bender — a collision between motor vehicles in which there is only minor damage.
  • gender-bender — Informal. one, as a cross-dresser, that blurs differences between the sexes.
  • multicylinder — having more than one cylinder, as an internal-combustion or steam engine.
  • organ-grinder — an itinerant street musician who earns a living by playing a hand organ or hurdy-gurdy.

14 letter words ending with nder

  • newfoundlander — a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland.
  • self-surrender — the surrender or yielding up of oneself, one's will, affections, etc., as to another person, an influence, or a cause.
  • the-pathfinder — a historical novel (1840) by James Fenimore Cooper.

16 letter words ending with nder

  • opposed-cylinder — (of an internal-combustion engine) having cylinders on opposite sides of the crankcase in the same plane
  • willem-alexander — full name Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand. born 1967, king of the Netherlands from 2013

17 letter words ending with nder

  • blood-and-thunder — sensationalism, violence, or exaggerated melodrama: a movie full of blood and thunder.

19 letter words ending with nder

  • nine--days---wonder — an event or thing that arouses considerable but short-lived interest or excitement.

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